Marty Spiegel Exiting (Town) Center Stage

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Marty Spiegel

Marty Spiegel recently announced that he’ll be retiring from his position as Town Center Coordinator. Hired by the borough in 2006, he has worked for the last several years under the auspices of Swarthmore Town Center, Inc. The nonprofit has been seeking candidates to fill the job, though replacing Marty may be a job in itself. The Swarthmorean talked with him last week.

“Why leave now? Well, the timing seems right. Personally, after 10 years it’s time for me to branch out. And there are a whole new set of opportunities for the borough and the Town Center coordinator succeeding me. Whoever that may be will interact and establish new relationships with the college, the management of the bookstore, the inn, and merchants.

“I’d love to be on the job when the Swarthmore College inn opens but my retirement date is still open. I’ve been a cheerleader for the project, supporting the inn development since the idea was proposed, because it is important to the future of downtown Swarthmore and the merchants here. I feel that it will help increase foot traffic in the town from patrons and students.

“The single thing I’m most pleased about? I was part of the founding group behind the Swarthmore Farmers Market, and I managed it for nearly 10 years, until last season, when Andy Rosen took over. It’s become such an important facet of our town.

What will he do now? Marty is active as a trained Medicare counselor for APPRISE, an advisory service for Pennsylvania residents. He organizes an acoustic music jam on the first Thursday of the month, and is a regular with SWUKEstra. Marty’s wife Linda Heffernan, a Realtor with D. Patrick Welsh, is musical too – a singer and president of the Media Chamber Chorale, she is also involved with the Swarthmore Historical Society.

Marty is also helping the Swarthmore Town Center board create a list of duties and qualifications which can be used in selecting a successor, as well as a “how-to cookbook” for reference by that future coordinator. He’ll be ready to advise that person as needed: “I’ll be available, but not intrusive.”

And Marty and Linda have no immediate plans of moving away. “It wouldn’t be easy. Swarthmore has set my standards very high as far as a community to live in.”

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