AJ Belville’s Breakout Week

6-16 AJ Belville

AJ Belville had a memorable week, appearing on three stages, before thousands of people. There was the album launch at a showcase at Strath Haven High School on Tuesday, and the performance of one of his new songs at Strath Haven’s Commemoration Thursday. Oh, and graduation Friday (no performance on that stage).

The album title, embargoed until the night of the show for dramatic impact, promises romance and hope: For My Future Wife. “The title comes from the feel of my songs: all of them contain aspects of me that I subconsciously wrote wanting to share with somebody I would spend the rest of my life with and may not even know yet.”

AJ is certainly introspective, but he’s not a shy guy. He clearly understands the dramatic and emotional power of words, and he seems to need to sing these songs. That urgency is balanced by his warm tenor voice and confident acoustic guitar work that carries the songs along at energetic tempos. The album includes songs from among several dozen AJ wrote during the past year, the fruits of his labors in a senior year songwriting independent study with Strath Haven teacher Steve Fischer.

He lives in Wallingford with his parents, Theresa and Christian Belville, and brothers Ethan, Greg, and Rusty. A music student since age four and a pianist, AJ was a winner (as was Aidan Cole) of the excellence in Performing Arts award from Strath Haven’s Home & School Association. He also won the HSA’s Excellence in Biology award. Sounds like a head vs. heart proposition, but there appears to be room for both in AJ’s life. Although he plans to study microbiology and virology at Ursinus College, he hopes to minor in musical performance, theater and performance, or poetry.

We wish all good fortune to AJ, and to his future wife.

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