And the Winner is. . . aah, Winners are. . .

The first “official” winner of the Swarthmore History Contest is Carl Clauss of Wallingford. Carl guessed correctly that the article “Fire Horn Gets Snow Duty” was the article from the past (January 11, 1963).

Carl said that even though he was a 1957 graduate of Nether Providence High School, he could hear the fire horn from his house.

Unfortunately — or fortunately — there was a little glitch in the issue of February 26. The article on the front page, “Einstein Was Right! Gravitational Waves Detected,” featured an old picture of Albert Einstein with then Swarthmore College President Frank Aydelotte from the 1938 commencement at the college. Knowing we had the picture, we just couldn’t resist including it with the article! So, Sharon Graham of Swarthmore is also a winner among several readers who nominated that photo.

Carl and Sharon will each receive a Swarthmore Historical Society T-shirt.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Each entry was numbered in the order by which the e-mail was received. Winners were determined by a very reliable person in the community who selected the two winning numbers.

For more on the history of the Swarthmore Fire Horn and a downloadable pdf of the entire January 11, 1963 issue, visit the Swarthmore Historical Society website at

Next “find the historic Swarthmorean story” in the March 18 issue. Everyone is welcome to enter, but the prize goes to a 5th through 7th grader who answers correctly.

3-11 1963 front page

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