April Fool!


If you bought into any of the stories on pages 1 and 8, we are smiling, and we hope you are too. Thanks to our good-natured information sources, and thanks, too, to Lauren McKinney and several unnamed co-conspirators at the Swarthmore Swim Club. (By the way, SwUKEsrta really is playing at Hobbs April Fool’s night.)

We do this edition whenever our cover date is Friday, April 1, and I’m lucky to have blundered into an April Fool’s edition in my first year on the job. We like to have a good time with “straight” stories throughout the year, and I hope there are pieces during the non-Fools season that make you laugh, and others that leave you wondering if what you’ve read could possibly be true.

Looking forward to fooling you again on Friday, April 1, 2022,

Chris Reynolds

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