Art Pops Up in Little Crum Creek Park

4-1 pop up art

“Rhythms of the Park” is the current pop-up art project in Little Crum Creek Park. Photo by Tracy Bouvette

Little Crum Creek Park, nestled between Yale Avenue and Cresson Lane just behind the homes that line Swarthmore Avenue, has long been home to a quiet, sometimes neglected set of open spaces: the confluence of two forks of Little Crum Creek, a modest wetland, lovely walking paths, fireplaces, picnic tables, and footbridges. It is used by some locals as a place to run their dogs, meditate, walk thorough filtered light, and generally enjoy the nearby serenity of multiple greens in a wooded area.

The Pop-Up Art Project was conceived by the borough’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), and created by Swarthmore artist Tracy Bouvette as a way to increase the park’s visibility and attract more visitors. A succession of installations of temporary art, designed to transform the current space, can make a journey into the park more interactive and engaging for all ages.

The current installation, “Rhythms of the Park,” has been created to allow park visitors to gently encounter and explore the lower green and wetlands, providing a dynamic space of inquiry as one moves through its many different perspectives, mimicking the ever-changing beauty and environment of Little Crum Creek Park. Visitors can find the central installation in the lower green between the footbridges with easy access from Yale Avenue or Cresson Lane. Other, more widely spaced components of the installation are located around the wetlands bordering Yale Avenue. For those looking for a bit more adventure, footpaths (which can be soggy depending on the weather) circumnavigate the wetlands.

This installation will only be in place for another 10 days or so, so visit as soon as you can. A YouTube video of the creation and construction of the piece will be made available shortly.

Organizers are hoping that the Pop-Up Art Project will inspire more residents, students, and visitors to venture to Little Crum Creek Park, and come to understand why this is such a special place in Swarthmore.

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