Breaking the Ice With New Policy at SSC

4-1 SSC Winter memb diver

Winter members of SSC will receive a stylish black wetsuit (with navy blue accents) as well as a rubber mallet to break the ice without damaging the pool deck. The “Sea Sharks” logo will be added at no additional charge for swim team members. Solar-heated swim goggles will be available for purchase or rent.

The board of directors for the Swarthmore Swim Club has announced its unanimous approval of the recommendation by members to remain open year-round, extending its traditional summer season.

The new policy takes effect after Labor Day 2016. Members who wish to swim throughout the year will be charged an additional $75 fee per family on top of their summer season dues. A winter-only membership will be made available to nonmembers on a month-to-month basis for $37 per month.

An avid lap swimmer herself, board president Beth Resweber is very excited about the extended season. “Now even members who are away for part of the summer can earn their ‘1000 Lap’ t-shirts” said Resweber. The board expects to attract additional members from area swim clubs that are only open during the summer months, Resweber said: “Swarthmore Swim Club will become known throughout the Philadelphia region for its commitment to fitness and swimming – even when other pools are drained and forgotten.”

In its inaugural 12-month season, only the Swim Club’s lap pool will be open after Labor Day. However, board treasurer Tom Runiewicz said, “The board will evaluate keeping the L-Pool, diving board, and toddler pool open, based on interest from people who wish to maintain their swimming skills and stay in shape year-round.”

As a bonus, all winter members will receive a stylish black wetsuit with navy blue accents. The club will also issue rubber mallets to help break the ice without causing damage to the pool deck. A SRA/SSC joint “Polar Plunge” is also planned for the finish of the New Year’s Day 5K run.

The SSC Sea Sharks swim team will also take advantage of the 12-month pool operation. Practice for the 2017 season will commence on March 1, allowing swimmers to reach top competitive shape by the time meets begin in the summer. Instead of using the Swarthmore College indoor pool for preseason practice, the team will don customized wetsuits emblazoned with the Sea Shark logo and be fitted with specially designed, solar-heated swim goggles.

The Board hopes the 12-month season will delight members and nonmembers alike. “The magic of our water will now be enjoyed all year long,” Resweber said, with a smile.

For more information or to reserve your winter membership, please address inquiries to:

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