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7-29 Cavanaugh WHYY

Tickets to the eleven-Tony Award-winning play Hamilton are worth much more than their weight in gold. Hence the delighted smiles of Swarthmoreans Jack and Nikki Cavanaugh, who were the winners of the recent WHYY-FM Hamilton contest, which involved more than 5,000 member entries. The Cavanaughs took home a package including two tickets to a September performance of the phenomenal musical, as well as dinner at New York restaurant Felidia.

7-29 matt chansky bk

Matt Chansky, a member of Strath Haven’s Class of 1984, has published his first novelette, A Good Man Henry, available as an eBook online at The printed version will be released later this year.

Matt’s story centers around a hard-working family man, Henry Robinson, being told that he’s dying of “failure.” His routine is turned upside down as he struggles to stay right side up. The book is a vehicle for exploring the ups and downs that Millennials and Generation Z face today.

Matt, the son of Norman and Elissa Chansky of Swarthmore, is an award-winning designer in the advertising field.

Lap Swimmers: This week’s winners of the turquoise with navy writing 2016 1,000-lap T-shirt at Swarthmore Swim Club include: 43.) Peter Bloom, 44.) Katie Stack, 45.) Carl Drott, 46.) Kristen Herzel, 47.) Betsy Larsen, 48.) David Heinbockel, 49.) Lynn Falk, 50.) Stephen Scharschan, 51.) Susan Larson, 52.) Jennifer Lenway, 53.) Jonathan Hodgson, and 54.) Lindy Giammattei.

7-29 seymour

Charlie Seymour, Jr. of Wallingford checked in from summer vacation: The Seymour family first started its annual vacation in Ocean City, N.J., in the 1980s, and the tradition was picked up again in 2012 when Charlie and Pam took their children and grandchildren. Beckett, nearly five, loves “the city house,” arcades, amusement rides, and eating ice cream. Never the bashful one, he showed Granddad (Charlie) how blue his tongue became after a treat on the boardwalk one hot evening. Pure joy!

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