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Alexander Prugh of Swarthmore, a computer science major, and Lauren Casella of Wallingford, a religion major, have been awarded the Dean’s Award for academic excellence for the spring semester at Colgate University.

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On July 17, Ohev Shalom Congregation supported community members as part of the FUSE partnership (Fellowship of Urban and Suburban Engagement) to clean up the four block area near Madison and 24th streets in Chester. Ohev Shalom joined members from Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County and Sons of Ben for this clean up, branded Operation Elbow Grease #2. Close to 40 participants filled 40 trash bags to help clean up the area. Bonnie Breit, past Ohev Shalom president, says the focus of Fuse is “working together trying to create relationships between communities and realizing we are all together. She also noted, “Last time we cleaned up 135 trash bags.” FUSE is a partnership between houses of worship, community groups, and non-profits in Delaware County, PA. The purpose of FUSE is to deepen relationships, extend ourselves to one another, strive wholeheartedly to understand “the other” in our community and help others understand us, and together, create a shared sense of destiny and purpose. FUSE includes Christian, Jewish, and Muslim groups, as well as people of different race, gender, socio-economic status, and background.

Lap Swimmers: This week’s winners of the turquoise with navy writing 2016 1,000-lap T-shirt at Swarthmore Swim Club include: 55.) Darius Walker, 56.) Sofia Walker, 57.) Whitney Taylor, 58.) Zong Luo, 59.) Linde Heintz, 60.) Jill Fenton, 61.) Eva Thury, 62.) Mike Bruno, 63.) Luke DiBonaventura, 64.) Sue Dyson, 65.) John Reilly, 66.) Emily Reilly, 67.) Frannie Reilly, 68.) Steven Wrenn, 69.) Terry Donahue, 70.) Judy Farling and 71.) Anne Devries.

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