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8-12 karpyn

Liz Olszewski (left) and Anna Karpyn (right) were two of the four swimmers who represented the Swarthmore Swim Club and the Suburban Swim League at the Delaware County Daily Times Elite Meet, held last Tuesday evening, August 2, at Rose Tree Woods Swim Club. Olszewski notched wins Girls 15-18 100 Meter Individual Medley and the Girls 15-18 50 Meter Breaststroke, while Karpyn finished third in the Girls 8 and under 25 Meter Freestyle. Joining the SSC Elite Meet team were Daniel Lash, who placed second in the Boys 9-10 25 Meter Fly and first in the Boys 9-10 50 Meter Freestyle and Claire Scharschan, who placed third in the Girls 11-12 50 Meter Fly. The Suburban Swim League team won the Elite Meet with a total of 497 points. Photo by Allison Karpyn

Lap Swimmers: This week’s winners of the turquoise with navy writing 2016 1,000-lap T-shirt at Swarthmore Swim Club include: 72.) Steve Melly, 73.) Barbara Whitaker-Shimko, 74.) Richard Shimko, 75.) Ryan Lynch, 76.) Beatrice Dickinson, 77.) Mark Kuperberg, 78.) Margie Linn, 79.) Mary Susan Milbourne, 80.) Morgan McErlean, 81.) David Calloway, 82.) Abby Dawes, 83.) Andrea Bruno, 84.) Laura Matheny, 85.) Michael Karpyn, 86.) Colleen Riviello, 87.) Jodi Dawes, 88.) Gregory Milbourne and 89.) Sue Wenger.

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