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5-19 RV Swim Club cleanup

Rose Valley Swim and Tennis Club members got the season off to an early start in a volunteer cleanup session on a recent Saturday. Young gardeners brought appropriately sized rakes and wheelbarrows; adult operators wielded leaf blowers, mowers and mulching tools, all engaged in preparing the club’s three pools, four tennis courts, and leafy grounds for the coming season. The swimming and tennis club at One Pool Lane in Rose Valley Borough is accepting membership applications for the 2017 season, and also offering swim instruction, tennis day camp, and interclub team competition in both sports for nonmembers as well as members. Information is at and (610) 566-9950.

5-5 friday in the park

Guided by members of the Swarthmore Environmental Advisory Committee, these four were among the Swarthmore-Rutledge School students who learned about weeding and mulching trees at Little Crum Creek Park a few weeks ago. They washed up before enjoying a picnic dinner. From left to right: Mitchell Christodouleas, Jude Pollard, Samuel Grant, and Niko Christodouleas.

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