Flagrant Foul on New Courts, But No Lasting Harm

6-10 court repair

Someone who can most charitably be described as a really bad driver committed a hard foul on the new basketball courts behind Swarthmore-Rutledge School early Sunday morning. Thanks to a quick and concerted response by neighbors and other volunteers, though, the courts were restored to full utility by late afternoon.

The unknown motorist used his or her car to knock down a wooden fence, cross a ballfield and swerve across the courts, dislodging many component panels and shifting the entire surface out of position. It took a couple dozen volunteers to reassamble, lift and reposition the resilient tiles.

They included Swarthmore Recreation Association president and Borough Council member Dave Murphy, court fundraiser-in-chief Kevin Newsome, Carin Newsome, Bob Dawes, Jim McCambridge, Terry Lynch, Sam Mutz, Chris Likely, Corey Hull, John Mansor, John Hubbell, Colleen Murphy, and several kids. (Readers, let us know whom we’re missing and we’ll update the caption online.) Photo by Carin Newsome

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