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Have you signed Swarthmore21’s petition for an
alcoholic beverages referendum
on the May primary ballot?

Asked in Swarthmore Town Center, Sunday, February 19.
By Chris Reynolds

2-24 f-edwards

No, and I won’t. I grew up in a dry town; I like Swarthmore as a dry town. I used to live in Philadelphia and I saw what bars can do to a neighborhood. Sue Edwards Swarthmore

2-24 f-gonzalez

No, I was not aware of it, but I’m interested in knowing more. It seems as though the town and businesses would possibly benefit. Gaston Gonzalez with Adrian (left) and Leah, Swarthmore

2-24 f-hoy

Yes, I just signed today here at Borough Hall! Melissa Hoy with Penn (left) and Nash, Swarthmore

2-24 f-kandestin

Yes. Being a dry town is not what makes Swarthmore unique. Plus, I’d like to be able to get beer at the Co-op. Cory Kandestin with Zelda, Swarthmore

2-24 f-stroup

I signed, and I hope the referendum passes. I think it would be good for the town. There were fears surrounding the Tavern opening, and that’s turned out fine. Peter Stroup, Swarthmore

2-24 f-luebecker

Yes. I am hopeful the Co-op will secure a license. Although we are aware of the vacant storefronts, it concerns me that there is not enough appropriate contiguous square feet and existing infrastructure to support a restaurant. I am cautiously optimistic. John Luebecker with Freddy, Swarthmore

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