Floating Photographer

By Chris Reynolds

What does the legacy of Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. mean to you today?
Asked at Trinity Church Swarthmore during the MLK Day of Service projects.

Peace, equality, love, kindness.
Cherilyn Scanlon (left)

Service and leadership. And compassion.
Cameron Wiley
Swarthmore College
Atlanta, Ga.


Standing up for what you believe in, and showing that if you see something wrong, you’re willing to do something to change it.
Winnie Kenney (left)

It’s about service to your community as well as standing up for the rights of people who are really vulnerable.
Sharon Graham

We are honoring him today. People are helping people who don’t have as much.
Maya Grande (left)

It feels good to help other people who don’t have the same opportunities as we do.
Katie Stack




Helping your fellow man.
Michael McKinney






Doing something good for people in need.
Heather Bellini







His legacy means more than just service. We should pursue activism in our own communities.
Audrey Fox (with Liam and Ezra Hill)


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