Floating Photographer

What the best thing about Spring? 

Asked on a sunny Monday in the Swarthmore Town Center amphitheater and the Co-Op.

By Chris Reynolds

Mary Hasbrouck (left), Bob Scott, and Susan Smythe, all of Swarthmore

Mary: The warmth.

Bob: Having 9 months of better weather ahead.

Susan: Being able to get out in the garden.


Alexis Schwartz (left), Greg Mote, and Cassius, all of Swarthmore

Alexis: The trees! They are all flowering at once.

Greg: Just being outside.

Cassius: Playing outside, because it doesn’t snow.





Dan Darkow, Conshohocken

Getting out to play some golf.








Susan Wefel, Rose Valley

The weather! It’s sunny,

but still cool. Right now, it’s perfect.

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