From the Firehouse

Varied events brought out personnel and equipment from the Swarthmore Fire & Protective Association, as the company responded to the following alarms:

EMS: There were 17 calls for medical assistance within the Swarthmore, Wallingford, Morton and Rutledge. These calls covered a broad spectrum of emergencies, including seizures, lacerations, cardiac emergencies, respiratory difficulties, overdose, head injuries, and attempted suicide.

Automatic Fire Alarm: Two incidents, one on Oberlin Avenue in Swarthmore, and one in Nether Providence Township.

Vehicle Accident with Injuries: One, in the Borough of Morton.

Assist to Police: One call to the Borough of Rutledge to gain entry to a building.

Smoke Investigation: One call to the Borough of Rutledge for controlled burning.

Fire – Building: This alarm involved a home on College Avenue, that experienced an electrical power surge. Incidents of this nature are cause for concern because the incoming electrical power may be of a greater voltage than the household electrical appliances are designed to accommodate. This particular event resulted in the homeowner reporting an electrical smell/odor in the home.

Upon arrival at such a call, the Fire Department will perform a thorough examination of the entire structure to ensure that there are no overloaded appliances, electrical service devices and/or extension of fire into the walls of the home. The company has thermal imaging devices that permit a nondestructive examination of walls and appliances to detect the presence of abnormal heat levels. Abnormal heat levels usually correspond to fire or the potential for fire. Alarms of this nature usually take greater lengths of time in order to assure that the house is safe for the occupants to reenter.

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