Will our American flags ever again be raised to their proudest positions?

The nation mourns the deaths of three Baton Rouge and five Dallas police officers shot by cynical men with Army training, battlefield weapons, and deranged senses of justice, who thought policemen’s blood would avenge blood spilled in police shootings.

Family and neighbors mourn Robert Payne, a son of Swarthmore and Strath Haven High School and a schoolteacher in Chester, who on July 4 became the fifteenth person this year to be shot and killed in our city next door.

Other neighbors pray in thanks for the miraculous survival of Folcroft police officer Christopher Dorman after he absorbed seven shots from a thug’s gun during an arrest last month.

Despite broad public support and pleas from police chiefs across the country, sensible gun control legislation cannot pass this U.S. Senate. Can we recognize the sound of gunshots as they get closer to home? Will that motivate us to act in meaningful, effective ways to limit the number of guns in circulation — now about 300 million, one for each of us — to make murder a bit less convenient? Can we come up with a formula to force lawmakers at least to again outlaw semiautomatic assault weapons?

Chris Reynolds

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