Heat, Smoke and Light. And Headstrong.

Swarthmore Borough Council
By Chris Reynolds

During the public comment period at the start of the October 10 meeting, Tony Denninger of the 500 block of Riverview Road noted the coming anniversary of the removal of trees from the mandated buffer zone between his residentially-zoned Swarthmore neighborhood and the adjoining commercial property, Springfield Square in Springfield Township. He urged Council to be vigilant, suggesting that Springfield Square owner National Realty Corporation may be laying the groundwork for legal action to seek commercial zoning for residential properties it owns at the north end of Riverview. Denninger suggested that Council designate a member as liaison to the Riverview residents for continuing communication.

Swarthmore Fire & Protective Association President Rick Lee noted that this is National Fire Prevention Week, during which homeowners are urged to ensure that smoke detectors are in good order. If a detector does not have a date code, it probably is more than 10 years old, and thus obsolete, even if the batteries are new, Lee said. Replacements should use lithium ion batteries, which will last for a decade.

Council unanimously approved a motion to support the Swarthmore Co-op in its request that the Zoning Hearing Board permit it to lower its marquee sign from its current position to just above the front door lintel. The Board will rule at its meeting on October 24.

Borough Manager Jane Billings anticipates that by year-end, 100 of the borough’s street lamps will be 25-watt LEDs, which are both more energy-efficient and more durable than mercury vapor lamps. This represents about 20% of the borough’s total.

Finally, Borough Solicitor Robert Scott confirmed that neighbors of the Headstrong House at 200 S. Chester Road have appealed the recent ruling of a Delaware County Common Pleas Court judge. The appeal will be considered by Commonwealth Court.

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