Help Swarthmore Borough Plan Its Future

There are currently several openings on the Swarthmore Borough Planning Commission. The Planning Commission serves as an advisory body to Borough Council, and is primarily responsible for and charged with developing and enforcing the Borough’s comprehensive plan that outlines its specific community planning objectives.

These objectives may focus on environmental protection; agricultural, historical, and cultural resource preservation; business retention, expansion, and recruitment; urban redevelopment; housing opportunities; parks and recreation amenities; transportation and utility infrastructure; or other health, safety, and public welfare needs and issues that are critical to community’s overall well-being and prosperity.

The Planning Commission is tasked with developing plans and implementation policies that provide the foundation for the community to manage changes caused by a variety of internal and external forces, including community growth or decline, and changes in demographics, economies, technology, natural resources, the environment, housing, transportation, etc.

Any interested Borough resident is encouraged to apply. Please submit a letter of interest to Borough Manager Jane Billings, either by e-mail to or at the borough office at 121 Park Avenue. Call Jane with questions at (610) 543-4599. The borough website is at

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