Here’s to Your Watershed!

CRC members met this week to plan the September 28 “Science on Tap” event at waR3house3 (and maybe to sample a few local brews). Event committee members are (left to right) Gwenn Prinbeck of Swarthmore, Walt Cressler of Media, Tracy Bouvette of Swarthmore, Maggie Dunn of Media, Beth Murray of Swarthmore, and Kevin Magerr of Aston.

Science and beer are on tap for September 28 at Swarthmore’s waR3house3, where the Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association (CRC) presents an educational and spirited evening that celebrates clean water and the delicious brews it makes possible.

CRC Board president Tracy Bouvette of Swarthmore said, “Science on Tap, the brainchild of our Education and Outreach Committee, is designed to encourage the enjoyment of the watershed and its natural resources. This gathering at war3House3 lets us talk about and enjoy the fruits of the watershed — namely beer from 2SP Brewery in Aston — led by one of the area’s most informed speakers on the subject of brewing.”

That would be Dr. Roger Barth, professor of Chemistry at West Chester University and author of The Chemistry of Beer: The Science in the Suds. He will deliver a talk entitled “Water: The Ultimate Recreation Chemical,” taking in the subject of how water and other ingredients contribute to beer’s flavor and quality. “Brewers of big national brands strive for consistency, but smaller brewers value local character. And that character starts with water. For example, low alkalinity often favors lighter beer styles, while darker malt can be used to deal with more alkaline water.”

And what is knowledge without practice? To consolidate your learning, Aston-based brewer 2SP will provide a variety of its beers for your sipping pleasure, brewed with “100% wudder” from the CRC watershed. Snacks are also included in the $25 ticket to this unique event. Funds raised will be used to support CRC’s core programs that improve watershed health through stream cleanups, tree plantings, and invasive plant management.

Whether you’re a CRC member or not, come sample Science on Tap, Thursday, September 28, from 7 to 9 p.m. Tickets are at; waR3house3 is at 100 Park Avenue, WH3 in Swarthmore.

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