How They Met… Alice and Mark

2-12 Turbiville 2004

Alice and Mark Turbiville in the wild in 2004.

Alice and Mark Turbiville

Mark: Dirty laundry brought us together. In 2004 Alice was in town visiting a childhood friend whom I worked with at the Art Museum. We met and I was lost in her light, the heart-sweetening light of my dear, radiant Alice. And then she was gone. But our mutual friend told me Alice left her clothes bag. So, pick one: chance, serendipity, fate.

The next weekend I was driving south, Alice’s way, for a family occasion. I took that bag back to her. In return, Alice treated me to dinner at a bistro called Eggspectation, which put eggs in every dish. On my way home, I stopped to see her again. Then I went back the next weekend. We’ve been together in a flood of joy ever after.

Alice: My friend introduced him as “Turbo,” which my family thought was a bad sign. He had a soothingly sweet disposition, romantic Bonnie Prince Billy CDs and wrinkled khakis. I didn’t know he was “the one,” but I added Drexel to my list of business school applications for the chance to be near him. I got in, and we moved in together in West Philly.

We were married in 2009 and honeymooned in Indonesia. We hiked a volcano, scuba dived in technicolored reefs, and somehow got lost in a rice paddy. We’ve run out of water in Desolation Wilderness (but survived!) and eaten Thanksgiving turkey in Barcelona. We live in wonderful, quirky Swarthmore with our kids, John and Matilda, and every day together is the happiest day ever.

2-12 Turbiville 2016

Today, Alice is Controller at Swarthmore College and Mark is Senior Director of Communications at Thomas Jefferson University.

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