Independence Day Winners!

Independence Day Awards

SRA Volunteer of the Year: Kevin Newsmen, leader of Hoops Renaissance

Rotary Club Vocational Service Award: Stuart Hain, vp for facilities and capital projects at Swarthmore College

Rotary Club Community Service Award: Swarthmore Police Officer Ed Kline

Swarthmore Centennial Foundation Scholarship: SHHS 2016 graduate Kaitlyn Pell

Theodore L. Purnell Student of the Year: SHHS 2016 graduate Dean Maola

Lions Club Citizen of the Year: Retires Swarthmore Town Center Co-ordinator Marty Spiegel

SRA Town Horseshoe Tournament: Don Grimes, Sr. and Don Grimes, Jr. (first place);  Tim Delozier and Pat Delozier (second place)

Lions Club Independence Day Contest Winners

The winners are listed in the following order: first, second and third place.

Pets: Penelope and Circe Hodges (owners); Talulah Bunhead (rabbit); Lucy Feinberg (owner)

Decorated Small Bicycles & Tricycles: Abby and Kyler Minton; Luke and Sam Ackey; Hailey and Logan Grant

Decorated Bicycles: Lila Martell; Beatrice Martell; Benn Mansor

Decorated Floats & Baby Carriages: Simon Leach; Ruth Baby Ginsberg (Lena Schumacher); Make American Green Again (Jensen and Sonja Englebach)

SRA Great Bike Race

The winners are listed in the following order: first, second and third place.

Race 1: Reese Makai; Sam Cari; Jude Pollard
Race 2: Dylan Zeitz; Declan Zesserson; Noah Linderman
Race 3: Davis Fairbanks; Zane Koogler; Colin Reuther
Race 4: Anna Kardyn; Henley Brady; Delaney Rose
Race 4B: Emma Levicoff; Patil Boghosian; Leyna Cross
Race 5: Keegan Mansor; Mia Fagone; Sadie Mansor
Race 6: Reed Hyzer; Lilly Hodges; Grace Markey
Race 6B: Henry Fritz; Cameron Millward; Zach Milligan
Race 7: Gavin Schmidt; Gabriel Ball; Harry Hyzer
Race 7B: Sydney Pollard; Wyatt Stevens; Hudson Dunn
Race 8: Sam Milligan; Coy Smith; Nathaniel Hodges
Race 9: Mia Black; Laura Shea; Audrey Stevens
Race 9B: Ben Mulligan; Jacob Wenke; Charlie Nasta
Race 10: Laura Karpyn; Morgan McErlean; Imogen Sharif
Race 11: Charlie Shankweiler; Conner Duffus; Henry Li
Race 12: NA
Race 13: Zach Wenke; Tony Black; Luca Nuschke
Race 14: McKenna Lausch; Jordan Anastasi; Samantha Fischer
Race 15: James Mathers; Jesse Anastasi; Calvin Kerr
Race 16: Lexi Zeitz; Holly Cari; Jemma Mathers
Race 17: Cash Mote; Samuel Grant; Beckett Serpentine
Race 18: James Ball; Eloise Matlasz; Phoebe Barile
Race 19: Rob Fairbanks; Tony Black; Andy Glatz

Swarthmore Swim Club July 4th Winners

Baby Pool Ballpits: 1. Arden Goetcheus; 2. Kylie Elliot; 3. Lila Brown, Joey Larin, Adriana Bailey

Non Red Ribbon Penny Scramble: 1. Caroline Boerth; 2. Wyatt Stevens; 3. Desmond Maggione

Red Ribbon Penny Scramble: 1. Declan Zesserson; 2. Anna Karpyn and Mason Goetcheus; 3. Sylvie Bergstrom

Best Splash (finesse): 1. Charlie Shankweiler and Luke Hatzell; 2. Bob Dawes; 3. Chris Kelly; 4. Billy Hodges

Biggest Splash (kids): 1. Charlie Dawes and Koll Peichel; 2. Alex Verano, John Hughes, Conner Tiche; 3. Darius Walker, Ryan Lynch

Biggest Splash (adults): 1. Tom Runiewicz and Tom Brown; 2. Mike Karpyn; 3. Terry Lynch; 4. Hunter Clements

Smallest Splash: 1. Declan Zesserson; 2. Jacob Jerkech; 3. Laura Shea; 4. Zoe Feinberg; 5. Lilly Hodges

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