Jennifer Lentz Set to Convene With Dems in Philadelphia

Jennifer Lentz at home in Swarthmore with children Thomas (7), Bryan (5) and Daisy (2). Joseph, who is not pictured, would be 9 (3/13/07-7/7/09).

Jennifer Lentz at home in Swarthmore with children Thomas (7), Bryan (5) and Daisy (2). Joseph, who is not pictured, would be 9 (3/13/07-7/7/09).

“I’m probably not the Lentz that people think of when they think of politics,” Jennifer Magid Lentz said last week. Yet it is she, rather than her husband (former PA State Representative Bryan) who will represent the voters of the Swarthmore area as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention next week in Philadelphia.

Not that Jennifer is unfamiliar with politics. She served as a prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office from 2000 to 2005, and again, in the Chester County District Attorney’s office until 2007, when the first of her four children, Joseph, was born. Through Bryan’s career in Harrisburg and campaign for U.S. Representative, Jennifer says, “We met a number of the bigger players. It was state senator Connie Williams who approached me about running in this election.”

Running as a delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton, Jennifer received more votes than any other female delegate in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district. Clinton won the state Presidential primary, and thus the preponderance of the 189 convention delegates from Pennsylvania. Jennifer is excited to support Clinton, whom she feels has the qualifications and intelligence necessary to lead the United States.

“Hillary is experienced, competent, brave, and resilient. The fact that she’s a woman just adds extra fun for me. And, yes, having a daughter gives special meaning to representing Hillary Clinton as she looks to become the first woman president.”

“I’ll know a number of the delegates by name and by face,” Jennifer said, in anticipating the work ahead at the convention. “I’m looking forward to experiencing the political process, and especially to the development of an inclusive agenda.” To her, this presidential election in this time of polarities is more than a matter of personal politics.” This country is hurting, and I want to see the uniting of parties and people.”

It will be a week of late nights, jostling and information overload (if not smoke-filled rooms), but not all the intrigue will be political, Jennifer said. “I heard a rumor that Lady Gaga is performing. I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t looking forward to that!”

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