Letters to the Editor…

Everything’s just ducky

To the Editor:

For the first time in Fun-Fair history and The Ducky Race, fowl weather cancelled the events. After consulting with the NADR (National Assoc. of Ducky Races) and the fact there were pre-sales of over 150 ducks, the decision to hold the race was made…

Last Sunday, on our back patio, a dedicated core of ducky watchers witnessed a thrilling series of heats and final showdown between these incredible athletes. There were 10 winners and all had the same thing to say about the intense competition… that was “Quack.”

The real winner was the Child Guidance Resource Center which received all monies raised by the sales of the ducks. For more info and contributions on this most worthy cause please go to: http://cgrc.org.

Next year’s race will be held at a new venue, right on Park Avenue!

Thanks for all the support,

Dave Welsh

Rotary needs host families

To the Editor:

The Rotary Club of Swarthmore is looking for a few good host families for the 2016-2017 school year. Hosting an exchange student is a great way to learn about a different culture from an expert and help dispel stereotypes; connect your children with another child from a different country; share the American culture; and show the student that all Americans are not what they see on world news.

Hosting an exchange student allows you to re-experience local attractions— like seeing the Liberty Bell again with a different perspective. Even a school bus becomes something an exchange student is excited to see for the first time. The best reason to host is to create great memories and lifelong friendships!

A Rotary Youth Exchange host family provides room and board for the exchange student. Host parents are also expected to exercise general parental supervision over the student, just as they do their own children, and involve him or her in daily household chores and activities — simply make the student a part of the family. While this starts out as a three- to five-month commitment, most families keep in touch with their students for years to come.

For more information, please e-mail me at mzissimos@chesterha.org. Your interest is just that, it is not an obligation. We will be happy to answer all questions.

Maria Zissimos
Rotary Club of Swarthmore

Softball ready…

To the Editor:

After a month of March weather in April, and April weather threatening to hang around as long as an also-ran’s Presidential campaign, the low pressure weather system that laid siege to the Middle Atlantic finally gave way to the normal pleasant warmth of May … and the first rainstorm of summer, just in time to curtail the first game of the Swarthmore Sunday Night Softball season.

So the full opening day for SSNS will be this Sunday, June 5, at 5:15 p.m., on the Community Center/Presbyterian Church edge of Cunningham Field. The weekly summer Swarthmore pickup double-header runs from now until Labor Day Sunday (September 4 this year). Warm up your arm, stretch your quads, and lace up your glove. Adult men and women seeking enduring relationships built around a diamond will find none better than the sportsmanship and care among the SSNS players.

Play softball. Become a regular. The catch, gap triple, turned double play, and hustle run scored will be your favorite part of the week.

See you on Sunday.

Leonard Ellis
Commissioner, SSNS

Ms. Mathews would be proud

To the Editor:

I enjoyed the May 20, 2016, issue of The Swarthmorean, as always. Of particular interest, was Barry Gwinn’s piece about Mrs. Mathews. Congrats, Barry — it was well done. I would forward it to our class president but I suspect Barry has the original, and it’s pretty long to run through my scanner. Barry, please forward it to Fred Bloom, our President for Life, or to me.

As an aside, Barry, the sentence at the bottom of column two, beginning with “Unfortunately,” should include the wording, “whom President Johnson… ,” not “who.” Not being picky, but with respect to Mrs. Mathews, of course, I had to point this out. Some of the more erudite readers may take issue with me, but that’s the nature of a wonderful community.

Seriously, if anyone within Swarthmorean distribution area knows anything about Allen Baughn, Bob Bishop, Bill Fisher, Delores Uhrin Agnew, Don Harrison, Jerry Murphy, Joanne Taylor Montgomery, John Degroot, Joyce Bogardus, or Malcolm Macmillan (all SHS Class of 1956), we’d dearly like to know. We have a 60th reunion coming up in the fall and would like everyone who can attend to be there.


Ed Borer
Treasurer for Life of Swarthmore High School Class of 1956
West Chester

So many possibilities

To the Editor:

Although I am mostly retired (still do some teaching), I am always eager to explore new employment opportunities. Such an occasion offered itself today as I was walking past the mini-amphitheater, nearing completion, beside Borough Hall.

Since it is unequivocally a space calling out for performances I proffer myself as the director of such for this new exciting initiative. I am happy to discuss openly at a public forum an appropriate salary to show my penchant for transparency.

One thought is that once or perhaps twice in the summer we could have residents’ performance evenings: poetry readings and slams, musical expressions of all kinds (I would happily play John Cage’s famous piano piece, 4’33’’), philosophical discourses — Schopenhauer comes to mind — playlets, debates, magic shows, standup or other comics, fibs and exaggeration night where residents tell stories about their most recent accomplishments… the possibilities, while not limitless, are many.

We might, if demand is there (and of course it will be) have risqué night for adults and seniors only. I suppose this might need the approval of the Ville’s yet to be formed committee on public morals to weed out gratuitous lewdness.

With the Inn flourishing and alcohol finally flowing, the time, it seems, is here for Swarthmore to think big. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

Allan Irving

A question

To the Editor:

The Farmers Market has now opened. Great!

Is there no other place to take the dogs on Saturday mornings? Why take them to a place that has people who have trouble walking, need canes, walkers, wheelchairs and food.

I have much trouble walking, but I intended to shop the first day. When I got there, three large dogs were near the entrance. I just kept going and went home.

I love dogs, but if one comes toward me and I fall, it’s a disaster.

Why dogs at the Farmers Market?

Audrey Wetzel

6-3 ad welsh-224 n s'more

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