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Town owes State thanks, too

To the Editor:

Apropos of your recent wonderful front page editorial thanking the college for the Inn and the roundabout, thanks are also owed to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Swarthmore College Bulletin, in its July 2010 issue, noted the following:

“In late April, Governor Edward G. Rendell’s office — with bi-partisan backing — awarded the Borough of Swarthmore a million dollar grant through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). The funds will enable the borough and the college to pursue their plan — known as the Swarthmore Town Center West project — to create an inn, with the potential for an affiliated restaurant and a new college bookstore that is closer to the town’s business center.”

Former State Senator Ted Erickson and former Rep. Bryan Lentz were instrumental in the award of this million dollar state grant.

Rick Valelly

6-17 ad sila

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