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5-6 s'more place

Pictured from left to right are: Shane and Quincy Campbell, 2012-present; Anne and Mark Kirby, 2001-2012, now of Wallingford; Patrick and Alice Rand, 1991-1998, now of Blue Bell; and Ruth and Peter Nonack, 1988-1991, now of North Chester Road in Swarthmore.

Cherishing friends

To the Editor:

Four “generations” of 6 Swarthmore Place homeowners met on April 30 at the memorial service for Lew Rinko.

Shane and Quincy Campbell led a tour through the house while the group exchanged stories of their time there. Many things evolved and changed over the years with the house, but the one constant was the love and care received from the neighbors across the street.

All four couples cherish their close friendships with the Rinkos, who have lived at 4 Swarthmore Place since 1967, and everyone shared fond memories spent with Kay and Lew.

Quincy Campbell

5-6 CRC kelly

Where would we be without volunteers?

To the Editor:

Eighteen volunteers took advantage of the best day of the past weekend to work at Little Crum Creek Park, weeding and mulching trees, cleaning the streams, and removing invasive growth.

To prove that no one is too young to help, our youngest volunteers were SRS students Ronan and Rory McHugh, who brought their small wheelbarrow and shovel to load and spread mulch alongside teenagers, college students, members of the community, and Environmental Advisory Council members.

Thanks go to Charlie Pell, who can be counted on to arrive early and get the fire going; to all volunteers who helped at the park; and to Cuzzy Rowles and the Swarthmore Public Works Department for faithfully delivering mulch and picking up the trash and debris that was collected. We appreciate all your efforts! This annual cleanup day is sponsored by the Chester Ridley Crum (CRC) Watersheds Association in conjunction with the Swarthmore EAC.

Our next EAC-sponsored event will be held sometime in mid-May in the park, when Tim O’Connell will lead the EAC in preparing the milkweed garden, an initiative he brought to the attention of the EAC to attract monarch butterflies. Stay tuned to The Swarthmorean and Nextdoor.Swarthmore for more information on this event.

Susan Kelly, Chair
Swarthmore EAC

Coming around…

To the Editor:

Unaccustomed to admitting I was wrong — especially in these later years, I wish to set the record straight.

I am very pleased how smoothly the roundabout is working out and I am thrilled with the pure excellence about everything to do with the Inn at Swarthmore.

If eating crow has never been a delicacy, it is now. I thank the college for persisting for so many years and planning such a wonderful contribution to our town. The result speaks for itself.

Humbly yours,

Peter Bloom

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