Letters to the Editor…


To the Editor:

Many thanks to the Swarthmorean for the wonderful front-page tribute to Lew Rinko in the May 8 issue, just one day after his passing. We are very grateful for the many cards and beautifully written messages of sympathy we have received these past four weeks.

We were moved to see how many friends and acquaintances attended his memorial service at Swarthmore Presbyterian Church on April 30. Our thanks also to the PEO sisters, Swarthmore Garden Club and the Chancel Ringers at the church for providing lovely bouquets and homemade desserts for the reception.

We feel so fortunate to be part of this loving, caring community, and for the joy it has brought us through the years.


Kay Rinko, Sunny Ross and Nicole Finnegan

Lola and Nereo Rossi checking into the Inn at Swarthmore.

First stay at the Inn

To the Editor:

A wonderful Mother’s Day gift was given to me this year. My husband, Nereo, and I were given an overnight stay at the Inn at Swarthmore, a most beautiful new addition to our community.

To our surprise, we happened to be the first guests at this first-class establishment. The smiling faces, congeniality and warm welcome by Chris, Eva, Maryanne and Marcus was most appreciated. My husband and I agreed that our accommodations were absolutely wonderful — spacious, warm, and comfortable, with all we needed to make our stay a memorable event. A beautifully arranged and truly delicious tray of refreshments was brought to our room.

We also had the pleasure of meeting with a very innovative chef, Keith, who introduced us to some of his new creations. I cannot remember any dinner or breakfast being more enjoyable than those fantastic presentations. The knowledge and attention to detail of the staff and our waitress was most wonderful.

Congratulations to Rob McDevitt, general manager of this new destination. We foresee a great success, happening right here at the Inn at Swarthmore. Thank you for the most enjoyable Mother’s Day ever. We look forward to returning soon.

Lola (Mrs. Nereo) Rossi

Fun-Fair spirit shone through

To the wonderful residents of Swarthmore:

Most of you read about the cancellation of the Swarthmore Charity Fun-Fair due to cold and rainy weather. However, there are still many people to thank for all the work that went into its preparation.

So, here’s to all the volunteers (food, trash, ads, setup, cleanup, etc.), Rotarians, Rotoractors, vendors, municipal employees (borough, police, fire and DPW), amusement providers, food tent chefs, Swarthmorean friends, town businesses, charities, advertisers, parade participants, sponsors, musicians, website technician, The Inn at Swarthmore, our area churches and even more, who either prepared in advance for the Fun-Fair or were ready and willing to do whatever was needed for the success of the Fun-Fair and its recipients… our charities and worthy causes!

So sorry that we could not have a Fun-Fair this year (first cancellation in 15 years), but it doesn’t change how grateful I am to all of you for the spirit that you bring to this noble and huge endeavor to “Have Fun Helping Others.”

My best wishes to your new 2017 Fun-Fair chair Joe Lesniak. I have no doubt that Joe (in the time-honored tradition of our Fun-Fair founder Ken Wright) will serve you well and make you proud.


Marv Gelb

A Sobering Vision

To the Editor:

My dreams lately have been streaming in HD 4K color, and as convoluted as a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum thriller. Here’s what I recall of a dream broadcast to me last month concerning the opening of Swarthmore College’s Inn, store, and most importantly, its bar and grille.

“We were shocked,” noted a spokesperson. “We were expecting a small crowd, but we were mobbed, and it just never stopped.” After many, many years of being a dry town, Swarthmore’s residents apparently had a pent-up desire to let loose. The bar ran out of beer at 10 p.m., wine at 11, and all aperitifs and appetizers soon after. The management asked for immediate replenishments, but the State Store noted that it might take a few days to assemble such a large stock of liquor.”

“There was no violence,” the Inn’s spokesperson noted, “although there was a serious discussion about dark matter and the Oort layer that almost resulted in fisticuffs. Campus Safety removed those involved and took them to the observatory, and focused their attention on the asteroid belt and meteor showers.”

Restaurants with liquor licenses in Media, Springfield and Morton were shocked. “We had expected a slump in sales,” said one owner in Morton, “but our clientele just vanished that night.” “We may have to file for bankruptcy if this keeps up,” an anonymous source in Ridley declared.

As a result of this and other disturbing dreams, I have been sober for almost a month. However, I plan on making an exception when the bar opens. My only quandary will be whether it will be bourbon nice, a dark stout, or a martini, dirty.

Bill Menke
Swarthmore resident since 1979, and advocate of spirits.

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