Lions’ Pride: Club Members Serving Up Christmas Dinners

Lions at work!

Lions at work!

Each year, the Swarthmore Lions Club helps Delaware County residents share a Christmas feast with their families. Lions member Jim Ryan says, ”It’s our biggest event of the year, and many hands join in the work.”

The Lions Club works with several social services organizations in the autumn to choose and contact recipients among needy families in Delaware County. Funded by the club, the Swarthmore Co-op procures the food. Swarthmore realtor William Pastuszek furnishes a place for storage of components. Boy Scout Troop 112 provides the energy to assemble boxes, and by 8 a.m. on Christmas Eve, the boxes are ready for pickup outside the Co-op. Each box contains an oven-ready turkey or a cooked rotisserie chicken, stuffing, potatoes and yams, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and a pumpkin pie to top off the meal.

Fifteen to 20 volunteer drivers make deliveries that morning, in plenty of time for preparation of all the Christmas feast. “There’s usually a family or a team in the car. Many of our people make this one of their holiday traditions, often doing it year in and year out,” Ryan says, noting that the families and individuals who receive the dinners are often memorably joyous.

This year, the Lions will prepare 43 boxes. Ryan says the only limiting factor is budget. “We use whatever we have available in our budget, plus donations that come in before the holiday. We can still take gifts for this project at any time.” Ryan notes also that drivers and packers are welcome to join the effort this Christmas weekend. Drivers will be meeting in back of the Co-op on Saturday morning, December 24, at 8 a.m. Call Jim at (610 909-3127 or e-mail if you wish to participate.

For donations, please make checks out to Swarthmore Lions Club and send them to Post Office Box 514, Swarthmore, PA 19081.

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