Making Our First Splash in SSC’s Water Show

By Sierra Hellman

This summer, my friend Dagny Lott and I were given the opportunity to organize Swarthmore Swim Club’s annual water show, which was presented last Thursday evening. Dagny and I are rising juniors at Strath Haven High School, and our friendship goes all the way back to 5th grade. We both started working at the pool last year and have loved it ever since. You can find me in the office greeting and checking pool members in, whereas Dagny will be guarding on stand and jumping in the water at every chance.

Anyhow, we were extremely excited to take on this assignment, especially since the water show has been a tradition since 1957. We could not say no. The last time the water show theme was Robin Hood was in the summer of 1990, so we thought we would try it again, but with our own twist. However, both of us were clueless, and I hate to say this, but we still are. We took it step by step (literally, in the choreography,) and previous director Abby Dawes told us all we needed to know, but I have never participated in the water show nor seen one so this whole experience has been new to me.

Dagny and I put in numerous late nights making props, costumes, and sets along with hours of choreographing. We have now taken up sewing, which is not my strong suit. We also spent many hours exploring Home Depot, Party City, and Michael’s.

Our favorite part of this experience is bonding with the kids. Generally, I struggle with names, but this time I was able to learn most of them. Their enthusiasm in learning all of the scenes and participating is contagious. Although practice can be cold and tiring, the kids tough it out. I now regret not participating in the water show as a kid, so I recommend to everyone that they get involved as soon as they can.

Photos by Gabi Weisfeld

Robin Hood Cast List

Robin Hood: Max Memeger
Little John: Nick Restrepo
Maid Marian: Sophia Foglio
Lady Kluck: Ellie Runiewicz
Prince John: Katie Capalbo
Sheriff of Nottingham: Graham Maola
Sir Hiss: John Hughes
King Richard: Dean DeRosa
Friar Tuck: Rachel McCabe
Mama Bunny: Sierra Hellman
Skippy: Luke DiBonaventura
Sis: Elizabeth Rozin
Tagalong: Lily Grueser

Peasants: Annika Slootmaker, Nora Schmutz, Katie Murphy, Shannon Murphy, Elizabeth Rozin, Marley Riccio, Maisie Sentivan, Oliver Grueser, Lily Grueser, Luke DiBonaventura and Sierra Hellman.

Guards: Nate Mitchell, Alice Rieger, Caeli Rieger, Jake German, Witney Taylor, Lauren Davis, Luci DiBonaventura, Ella DiBonaventura, Lucas Elliott, Colin Kennedy, Emily Reilly and Dagny Lott.

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