Online, Onward and Upward

We have liftoff!

The Swarthmorean has launched When you visit our website, you’ll find many of the same articles as in the paper you are holding now. And you’ll see things you can’t get in our print edition, like color pictures, live links from articles, archival photos, and online subscription payment options through Paypal and credit cards. 

Check us out. Tell us what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see in future updates. You can comment through the Question/Contact Us tab of, or by old-fashioned e-mail to


First things first: The Swarthmorean is still your hometown paper. doesn’t change the way we are providing coverage of Swarthmore, Rutledge, Wallingford and Rose Valley. And we are not doing away with the print edition in the foreseeable future. But after 20-some years, we are pretty confident that the Internet is not a fad. You, our readers, clearly told us in our survey last spring that you’re ready for the addition of an online component to our news operation.

What can we do on the Internet that we can’t do in print? Well, show color, for one thing. The photos we run in the paper come to life in another dimension on the website. Down the line, we may add news updates between issues … Strath Haven sports results and news … discussion boards … reader-supplied reviews of restaurants, movies, plays … links to photos, video and external sites of interest … our Swarthmorean archives of 100 years’ worth of newspapers as well as recent archives … and other features we haven’t thought of yet.

For our advertisers, provides another robust platform to share their messages with our readers. In turn, reaching our advertisers will be easier for you. What can you do to help us?

• Go to the website at Poke around, and tell us what you think.

• Tell your friends about us, even if they aren’t Swarthmorean subscribers (if you have any friends like that). Especially if they’re not subscribers, so they can see what they’re missing. In a few months, certain content will only be available to print subscribers. We are still working that out. For now, the website is open and free for all.

• Like us on Facebook (439 of you do already, at press time), and share our website URL on your Facebook page to help us get the word out.

• Go to the “Subscription Info” tab on the website and sign in, whether or not you are a current subscriber. You won’t be asked for any payment, and you will get news updates in between Fridays, and perhaps some special offers.

Rest assured that the printed Swarthmorean remains in our plans, We know you love the newspaper. Many of you have habits, traditions and rituals in the way you choose to read the Swarthmorean every week. We are urging you to keep those habits, but be open to developing new ones for new ways of getting the information that the Swarthmorean has provided uniquely to our communities since 1893.

As ever, we invite you to send in news of your business, your family, your school, your church or synagogue. We will have a lot more room to publish news — no longer limited to 8 pages, we’re able to blast off into unlimited web space … the final frontier!

Chris Reynolds, editor

Diane Madison, webmaster and production manager

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