Plant a Tree

Trees are now available from the Borough’s Street Tree Committee to Swarthmore Borough residents who wish to plant a street tree this year or to replace a tree that has been lost.

Ordering deadline will be Monday, September 26, 2016. A limited number of trees are available.

Order forms are available at the Borough office or on the Borough’s website ( Cost of a new tree is $125, including planting and mulching. Trees will be planted this Fall as weather permits.

For more information, please contact Karol Bock at (484) 472.8639.

Not to be planted under utility lines, requires a wide curb strip (greater than five feet),
or planted on the lawn side of the sidewalk.

Acer saccharum Fall Fiesta — sugar maple — a large maple (60 feet tall) that is one of the most attractive trees for its scarlet fall color. This selection is one of the better maples for our area. This tree grows fast when young and it needs plenty of room for it to mature growing in full to mostly-full sun.

Aesculus octandra — The yellow buckeye is a little-known street tree that is native to the eastern U.S. It is the best of the shade-tree (similar height to oaks and maples) buckeyes and horse chestnuts because of its tall stately growth habit, prominent yellow flowers in spring and clean summer foliage. It prefers full sun to light shade.

Quercus phellos — This southeastern U.S. native willow oak is a medium to large shade tree reaching 40 to 75 feet tall. It is very tolerant of many different soil conditions from dry to wet, heavy clay. The foliage is similar to willows, that is with long narrow leaves. It prefers full sun to light shade and has yellow autumn color.

Tilia americana American Sentry — a cultivar of our native American linden, this tree grows to 50 to 80 feet tall and prefers a well-drained soil (it will even tolerate drought once established) in full to partial sun. Lindens flower in early summer with a very distinctive sweet floral fragrance. Leaves are oval and turn light yellow in autumn.

Suitable for planting under utility lines and in narrower curb strips (less than five feet wide)

Cladrastis kentukea — yellowwood is a medium sized tree (30-50 feet tall) with upright branching and a rounded crown. It can grow in sun to half-shade. It is characterized by its drooping chains of white flowers in spring which have a mild sweetly-floral fragrance. This handsome tree has brilliant yellow fall color.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis Shademaster — Shademaster honey locust is a medium-sized (up to 45 feet tall) open, airy tree that has tiny leaflets. Autumn color is a clear gold and the leaves are so small there is little to rake up. It can grow in sun to half-shade. Shademaster is a strong grower and has a vase-shaped form when young, maturing into a more rounded shape.

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