Report from the Fire Company

Garden City firefighters inspect damage from Wednesday’s house fire. Photo by Patrick O’Rourke Jr.

Garden City firefighters inspect damage from Wednesday’s house fire. Photo by Patrick O’Rourke Jr.

By Rich Cresson

Between May 29 and June 11, the Swarthmore Fire & Protective Association responded to the following alarms:

EMS: The ambulance responded to 35 calls for medical assistance. These were to Swarthmore, Rutledge, Morton, Nether Providence Twp., Ridley Twp. and Springfield Twp. The calls were for a variety of emergencies including respiratory difficulty, change in mental status, head injury, fall victim, fall with trauma, sick person, pediatric emergency, overdose, semi-conscious person, syncopal episode, accident with injury, accident with pregnant driver, abdominal pain, congestive heart failure, hemorrhaging, medical alarm-pendant activation, injured person, cerebrovascular accident seizures, heart attack, and hypertension. This list of medical difficulties covers events that occurred during this past 2 week period.

Assist EMS: One incident for an overdosed 17-year-old victim.

Automatic Fire Alarm: Two in Swarthmore, one in Morton.

Automobile Accidents: Two in Swarthmore, one Springfield Twp.

Hazmat: Two incidents in Swarthmore, one for the smell of natural gas, one for a carbon monoxide Alarm on Haverford Avenue.

Assist to Morton: One incident for an automatic fire alarm activation.

Building Fires: One mutual aid alarm to Garden City FD. for a house fire on S. Providence Rd.

Assist to Nether Providence: One incident for a house fire on S. Providence Rd.

The Fire Dept. responded to a mutual aid call to assist Garden City FD and South Media FD for a working building (house) fire on Wednesday afternoon, June 7, on South Providence Rd. The call came in at 3:27 p.m. for a “working building fire.” First arriving units found a room and contents fully involved. Apparatus from Garden City FD laid a split lay (which occurs when one engine lays part of the supply hose and another completes the hose lay) of hose to a fire hydrant, on Pleasant Hill Rd., while another engine from Garden City FD completed the hose lay to the front of the structure.

Firefighters from Garden City FD were successful in knocking down the majority of the fire with tank water until the water supply was established. Swarthmore’s aerial ladder was the first such truck to arrive, and its ground ladders were used extensively. The extent of the fire was contained to the room of origin with some extension to the attic area. Parts of Providence Road were closed for nearly four hours. Apparatus from Swarthmore were released from the scene at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Other assisting fire departments dispatched for manpower were Brookhaven, Springfield, Media, Aston Twp. and Parkside. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Nether Providence Fire Marshal.

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