Report from the Fire Company

During the period of April 24 through May 14, 2017, the Swarthmore Fire & Protective Association responded to the following alarms:

EMS: The ambulance responded to 47 calls for medical assistance. These were to Swarthmore, Morton, Rutledge, Nether Providence Township, and Springfield Township. The calls were for a variety of emergencies including respiratory difficulty, hypertension, change in mental status, head injury, seizures, fall victim, sick person, cerebral vascular accident, cardiac emergency, pedestrian struck, pediatric emergency, overdose, diabetic emergency, unconscious person, back pain, syncopal episode, accident w/ injury, choking, stomach pain, allergic reaction and hemorrhaging.

Automatic Fire Alarm: Two, both in Swarthmore.

Automobile Accidents: Eight accidents: two were in Springfield, one in Nether Providence, the balance in Swarthmore.

Brush Fires: One, in Swarthmore College woods. Building Fires: One incident, an oven fire in Nether Providence.

Hazmat: Two: one was a gas leak in Springfield, and the other a fuel spill in Morton.

Wires: One case of downed wires in Nether Providence.

Assist to Morton: One incident.

Assist to Nether Providence: Three incidents.

Assist to Springfield: Three incidents.

— By Rich Cresson 

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