Security While You’re Away

Police Chief Brian Craig reminds Swarthmoreans that the borough’s police department offers vacant house checks of residences while homeowners are away from home.

Just call the police department at (610) 543-0123 two or three days before you leave to give your address and travel dates. Police officers will regularly visit your property, check door locks, walk around outside and inspect the house for any anomalies.

There is no charge for the service.

And while you are away…

Send Us a Postcard, Drop us a Line …

It’s midsummer, and we’ve already heard about some great vacations  from Swarthmorean readers and friends. Would you like to share our summer travel story with our readers?

Whether you made an interesting day trip, a weekend getaway, or some fantastic voyage overseas, we’d like to hear what made it interesting and memorable.  We’ll need a photo or two to add dimension to your words and make us wish we were there.

Please drop a line to us at We’ll choose some travel accounts to publish periodically between now and Labor Day.

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