Swarthmore Borough’s Independence Day Celebration

7-1 flag

Tuesday, July 4

8:15 am Bikers will assemble at the corner of Princeton and Park avenues for the Great Bike Race.

8:30 am SRA Great Bike Race will begin. Helmets required. Race 1 — Boys, 7 years. Race 2 — Boys, 8 years. Race 3 — Boys, 9 years. Race 4 — Girls, 7 years. Race 5 — Girls, 8 years. Race 6 — Girls, 9 years. Race 7 — Boys, 10 years. Race 8 — Boys, 11 years. Race 9 — Girls, 10 years. Race 10 — Girls, 11 years. Race 11 — Boys, 12 & 13 years. Race 12 — Girls, 12 & 13 years. Race 13 — Boys, 6 years. Race 14 — Girls, 6 years. Race 15 — Boys, 5 years (may use training wheels). Race 16 — Girls, 5 years (may use training wheels). Race 17 — 4 years (may use training wheels); Must be 4 years old by July 4. Race 18 — 4 years (tricycle only); Must be 4 years old by July 4. Race 19 — Boys & Girls, 13 + years.

8:30 am Silver Dollar Band (Lee Jones, impresario) will start to assemble in front of Borough Hall.

8:45 am Lions Club Children’s Parade Registration. Borough Hall parking lot. Receive entry number and ribbon. Ten minutes prior to your event’s scheduled start, gather with your group.

9:45 am Lions Club Children’s Parade
9:45 am — Pets
9:55 am — Decorated Tricycles and small Bicycles
10:05 am — Decorated Bicycles
10:15 am — Decorated Floats & Baby Carriages
Award presentation will occur immediately after each category in front of the Reviewing Stand.

10:00 am Parade forms in front of the Co-op

10:30 am ★ Parade led by Boy Scout Troop 112, Swarthmore Police. Other community groups include, but are not limited to, Antique Cars, Swarthmore British Car Club, Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association, Lions Club, Swarthmore Centennial Foundation, Rotary Club, Recycling Committee, and area churches. (Please bring sign or banner identifying your organization.)

★ Route is Park Avenue to Princeton Avenue, where a police car will guide marching groups back to Borough Hall via sidewalks. Color Guard leads cars back to Co-op via Lafayette Avenue and proceeds to reviewing stand.

★ Group Marshals: Jane Billings and Ellen Pierce.

10:45 am Program. Emcee: Gerhart Keller. (Estimated starting time depends on the number of participants in earlier activities.)

★ National Anthem: sung by The Silvertones with the Silver Dollar Band

★ Pledge of Allegiance: Boy Scout Troop 112

★ Dismissal of Color Guard: Gerhart Keller

★ Reading: Alex Schaff, Scout Troop 112

★ Invocation: Pastor Jennifer Casey, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

★ Greeting: Tim Kearney, Mayor of Swarthmore

★ Swarthmore Recreation Association Special Recognition Award, presented by Linda McCullough

★ Swarthmore Recreation Association Volunteer of the Year Award, presented by Linda McCullough

★ Rotary Club Community Service Award, presented by President Joy Charlton

★ Rotary Club Vocational Service Award, presented by President Joy Charlton

★ Swarthmore Centennial Foundation Scholarship Award, presented by Guy Smith

★ Theodore L. Purnell Student of the Year Award, presented by Treasurer Tom Dillon

★ Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award, presented by President James Verdi

★ “America, the Beautiful” sung by The Silvertones

11:15 am National Bell Ringing ceremony, Borough Hall. The bell will be rung 13 times by the award winners.

11:30 am Swarthmore Borough Independence Day Group Portrait

11:40 am Swarthmore Fire Company Fire Demonstration

11:50 am FREE fire engine rides begin at the reviewing stand. The Lions Club will give out popsicles and American flags in the Borough Hall parking lot.

12:30 pm SRA Annual Cris Hansen Town Horseshoe Tournament at Little Crum Creek Park: doubles with single elimination.

12:45 pm Fire Company Water Fight at Umoja Park (Yale & Rutgers avenues).

★ Throughout the morning the Rotary Club will offer free lemonade and copies of the day’s program (words of songs on back). The Fire Company will be selling hot dogs and soda from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

★ In the event of heavy rain, an abbreviated program will be held in the Fire Hall at 10:30 a.m. Please check status at www.swarthmorerecreation.org.

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