Swarthmore Crime at a Five-Year Low

Do you feel safer? If you live in Swarthmore or Rutledge you should.

At the January 11 meeting of Swarthmore Borough Council, Police Chief Brian Craig noted that fewer crimes were reported during 2015 than for any year since 2010 in the two boroughs his department serves. Crime was down nearly 11% from 2014.

Among 157 crimes reported in 2015, nearly half were burglary (14 incidents) and theft (60). There were 33 reports of vandalism, 29 liquor law violations, 24 disorderly conduct citations, 10 DUIs, and 19 reports of fraud, which Chief Craig notes were mostly reports of telephone scams. (For a copy of the full crime report, e-mail swarthpd1@aol.com.)

For 2014 (according to the most recent data available from the FBI) Swarthmore and Rutledge had 12.3 property crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, the second-lowest among neighboring towns (Nether Provdence recorded 9.6.). Swarthmore’s rate of burglary is lowest among this group, Craig said. “We think that’s in part because of the vacant property request program, which was established in 2006,” Chief Craig said. The program encourages Swarthmore residents to advise police of vacations or other prolonged absences from their homes; officers will check the house regularly for signs of trouble.

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