Swarthmore Fire Company’s New/Old Ambulance


Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association captains Michael Daley (in cab) and Conlen Booth are ready to hit the road in the fire company’s good-as-new ambulance, which just returned to Swarthmore following a “re-chassis.”

“We we put the existing ‘box’ on a new Chevy chassis with a Duramax engine that’s much more reliable than the old machine,” fire company Chief Engineer Rich Cresson said following the ambulance’s return last week. “We had been spending $5,000 or more each year on mechanical repairs and maintenance,” Cresson said.

Since the patient transport area behind the cab does not wear appreciably, and the Swarthmore company has continually upgraded the equipment within, the strategy made abundant sense. Captain Booth said, “Essentially, we have a new ambulance for $144,000 instead of the $200,000-plus retail cost.”


The fire company’s first responders will roll out in the nearly-new ambulance as soon as it is relicensed. Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association has just launched its fall fund drive, seeking donations from all Swarthmoreans and neighbors, in order to continue staffing with professional and volunteer firefighters and first responders, and maintaining its fleet and facilities to provide optimal emergency services.

Watch your mail for the appeal, and make a donation online at swarthmorefd.org/donations.

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