Swarthmore Fourth of July Event Winners

Lions Club Independence Day Contest Winners
The winners are listed in the following order: first, second and third place.

Pets: Jack (dog) with Ben and Morgan McErlean; Toby Hart Markey (dog) – Future President with Grace and Charlotte; “Rocky” Kelly and the Free Press (dog). Decorated

Small Bicycles & Tricycles: Ella Ubele; Emmy Ubele; Jude Rosenberg.

Decorated Bicycles: Ben Mansor; Lila Martell; Lucy Hewitt.

Decorated Floats & Baby Carriages: Maverick with Lincoln Mohn; Patriotic Party with the Carman Family; Beelieve in Peace with Logan, Hailey and Aiden Grant.

SRA Great Bike Race
The winners are listed in the following order: first, second and third place.

Race 1: Zack Wenke; Henry Fritz; Cameron Millward.
Race 2: Jonah Wimmer; Henry Hewitt; Will Turner.
Race 2B: Rhys Makai; Miles Murphy; Paxton Darrell.
Race 2C: Noah Gillam; Chen Hao; Jackson Bloom.
Race 3: Ben Kersun; Dylan Zeitz; Declan Zeserson.
Race 4: Veronica Akgun; McKenna Lausch; Gwen Satterthwaite.
Race 4B: Blake Fairbanks; Tess Berger; Willow Hellaman & Audry Hall (tie).
Race 5: Magnolia Brown; Henley Brady; Mia Liu.
Race 5B: Lyla Kelly; Maisie Strachan; Delani Rose.
Race 6: Mia Fagone; Keegan Mansor; Olivia Stransky.
Race 7: Gavin Shifflett; Archer Makai; Matthew Caputo.
Race 8: Ben McErlean; Gabriel Ball; Andrew Deppen.
Race 9: Lucy Hewitt; Reed Hyzer; Helena Kaufman.
Race 9B: Ben Mulligan; Jacob Wenke; Charlie Nasta.
Race 10: Laura Shea; Jo Kelly.
Race 11: NA
Race 12: Sophie Kerson; Ella Schifflett.
Race 13: Thomas Miller; Bryan Lentz; Ethan Niu.
Race 14: Elli Stansky; Cayla Gaffney; Anya Zhu.
Race 14B: Lexie Zeitz; Asha Miller; Callie Trimble.
Race 15: Beckett Serpentine; Calvin Kerr; Colton Smulyan.
Race 15B: Lincoln Kosmalski; Cassius Mote; Tommy Rhoades.
Race 16: Emma Levicoff; Robin MacMullan; Leyna Cross.
Race 17: Stanley Fritz; Parker MacCallum; Simon Prinbeck.
Race 17B: Damitrius Vega; Winter Breslin & Joshua Dickey (tie); Andrew Gatch.
Race 18: Mariah Gaffney & Chloe Zeserson (tie); Cora Lausch.
Race 19: Charlie Dawes; Rob Fairbanks; Khai Dao.

Swarthmore Swim Club July 4th Winners

Ball Scramble (4 years old and under): 1. Gilian Glatz; 2. Miles Davis & Bodie Koogler; 3. Joe Burkhart and Dugan Smith and Callum Smith.

Penny Scramble (non ribbon): 1. Grace Hohenadel; 2. Ryan Hohenadel; 3. Genevieve Iampieri and Gilian Glatz.

Noodle Races (7 and under): 1. Willow Huellemeier; 2. Liam Cross; 3. Blake Fairbanks; 4. Maisie Strachan.

Balance the Bean Bag (8-10): 1. Caroline Boerth, Nora Schmutz, Keagan Mansor, Davis Fairbanks; 2. Maisie Strachan, Matthew Jones, Shannon Murphy, Dylan Thomas, Ben Kersun, Sadie Mansor, Ryan Stevens; 3. Simon Kaplinski, Jacob Surkech, Jonah Wimmer, Zane Koogler.

Sweatshirt Relay (11 and up): 1. Katie Murphy, Zoe Feinberg, Theo Runiewicz, Laura Shea, Audrey Stevens, Nick Karapelou, Harry Berger, Connall Strachan, Brendan Deppen; 2. Ava Manaker, Ella Shifflet, Sophie Kersun, Ella Grossman, Nula McHugh; 3. Arnie Berger, Ben McErlean, Joe Lynch, Darius Walker.

Biggest Splash (Boys): Max Memeger, Luke Hatzell, Bob Dawes, Gordon Strachan, Tom Runiewicz, Charlie Shankweiler, Tom Brown and Tom Karapelou.

Biggest Splash (girls): Laura Shea and Sabrina Karapelou.

Smallest Splash (boys): Ben McErlean, Owen Zeserson and Dylan Brown.

Smallest Splash (girls): Zoe Feinberg, Elizabeth Si, Laura Shea, Marley Feinberg and Audrey Stevens.

Rotary Community Service Award 2017: Linton Stables
Remarks by Rotary President Joy Charlton

Each year the Rotary Club of Swarthmore recognizes exceptional contributions to our community. The Swarthmore Community Service Award is given to someone who demonstrates commitment and dedication to “Service above Self,” a Rotary principle, as a volunteer outside of her or his business or profession and whose goal is to improve lives in our local community.

I am happy to announce that this year’s recipient is Linton Stables.

Linton’s volunteer service has made a significant difference to our senior community. He helped lead the Borough’s “Aging in Place” Task Force, which produced a report with 22 recommendations to improve the lives of Swarthmore’s eldest. He continues as president of the Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association and as a board member of Senior Community Services of Delaware County.

In addition, Linton is a volunteer for the Chester Children’s Chorus, the Chester Charter School for the Arts, and the Appalachian Service Project. He serves as a trustee at Swarthmore United Methodist Church, and performs with the Masterworks Chorale and the Media Chamber Chorale.

Our community is a better place because of Linton’s service. On behalf of our club, I am delighted to recognize Linton Stables as the recipient of this year’s Rotary Community Service Award.

Rotary Vocational Award, 2017: Sandy Sparrow Wilkinson
Remarks by Rotary President Joy Charlton

The Swarthmore Rotary Club gives a Vocational Award each year, to someone who has shown exceptional dedication to advancing her or his chosen profession and to service to the community through this work.

I am happy to announce that this year’s Award goes to: Sandy Sparrow Wilkinson.

Sandy spent 28 years as an outstanding teacher and then principal in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District. She was a creative teacher who won her first teaching award within two years of beginning.

Sandy earned a master’s degree in educational administration from Villanova University, after which our school district chose her to be principal of the Swarthmore-Rutledge Elementary School in 1985. Her first self-appointed task was to learn all approximately 700 of the pupils’ names, every year, and years later, she still recalled many of them when she saw a former student. SRS was designated a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education — and, wearing her signature mismatched earrings — Mrs. Wilkinson accepted the award from President Bill Clinton at the White House. 

Swarthmore College so admired and appreciated Sandy’s vocational work that it awarded her a honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. Retirement didn’t stop her either: Sandy subsequently founded the local ASK or “Alumni Supporting Kids” program to make after-school programs available for all children in our district, not just to those who could afford it.

Sandy Sparrow Wilkinson was an intuitively brilliant and dedicated teacher of our children, who for many years profoundly shaped the lives of our children and the Swarthmore-Rutledge School within which they learned. She was unique, creative, admired, and beloved.

While she left us far too soon, we are pleased to honor her memory with the presentation of this year’s Vocational Award. It is accepted by her husband, Hal Wilkinson.

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