Swarthmore Spring Street Tree Sale

First Come, First Served!

A small quantity of canopy street trees are available for purchase through the Swarthmore Street Tree program. The following trees are ready for planting on your street.

Acer saccharum “Fall Fiesta” — sugar maple — a large maple (60 feet tall) that is one of the most attractive trees for its scarlet fall color. This selection is one of the better maples for our area. This tree grows fast when young and needs plenty of room to mature.

Nyssa sylvatica “Wildfire” — our native sour gum has a tight pyramidal shape when young, but is a more graceful ascending structure at maturity (up to 50 feet). This tree has handsome orange to scarlet to purple leaves in autumn.

Visit Borough Hall or download an order form from the Swarthmore Borough website to order and pay for your tree. Each tree, including planting and mulch, is $125 — a great price for shading your street and sidewalks and keeping Swarthmore a healthy, green community.

Questions? Need help deciding where to plant your tree? E-mail Shaun Eyring at shaun.eyring@gmail.com.

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