Thank you, Swarthmore College


On behalf of the Borough of Swarthmore and all of its residents, we would like to publicly thank Swarthmore College for adding two great assets: The Inn at Swarthmore, and the roundabout.

The Inn has been on the drawing board for almost twenty years, but it took two new college presidents, President Rebecca Chopp and President Val Smith, to see it to completion. After three short weeks of operation, it has added vitality and visibility to our town. The bar, restaurant, and bookstore are tremendous draws, and the 40 quest rooms are beautifully appointed. If you have not had the opportunity, ask for a tour.

Similarly, the roundabout has created a safe means of traversing the business district. Finally, it is not necessary to make a U-turn against speeding traffic to visit our stores, library, and restaurants. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists should all applaud the creation of a controlled and scenic intersection.

Both The Inn at Swarthmore and the roundabout were paid for entirely by Swarthmore College. It is often remarked that the borough provides a lot of services to the college. We should also recognize that the college is a very special asset to the borough.

Thank you, Swarthmore College.

Don Delson
Beth Gross

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