The Tree Committee Says, ‘Plant a Legacy Tree’

By David Page

Have you ever considered planting a tree to commemorate a special personal or family event in your life? A birth, a graduation, the purchase of your new home? A legacy tree is a great way to add to your property and our community in a meaningful way.

In an effort to encourage Swarthmore residents to keep our tree canopy healthy and insure its long-term viability in our community, the Tree Committee over the next two weeks will conduct a sale of affordable, container grown white oak saplings that homeowners can plant in any suitable location on their property. This includes planting the saplings as street trees if there are no power lines in the way, but back, side, or front yards are all options. Of course you don’t need a special occasion, you only need a little space and an interest in adding a tree. Not sure where best to put a tree? The Tree Committee can advise you with that as well.

As a Tree Committee special, the two- to three-feet tall white oaks cost only $12 each. They come in containers so they are very easy to plant, and they are the ultimate in sturdy, long-lived shade trees. White oaks grow relatively quickly and these young trees are the perfect size for a good start. Swarthmore boasts a number of lovely, 100 + year old white oaks around town, and these saplings in time can be the outstanding trees of future generations.

Interested homeowners can order trees by calling borough hall, (610) 543-4599, and stopping by with a check. Trees will be delivered the first week of September, and will be available for pickup at the Swarthmore Farmer’s Market on Saturday, September 10 and 17. The Tree Committee will have a small number of extra trees to sell at these times, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

This is so easy. Plant a legacy tree with your child and watch it grow

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