Young Pianists Hit High Notes in Performances

2-26 croddy

Three students of Swarthmore piano teacher Donna Kay Jones (standing) performed recently in a national audition for two gala recitals, sponsored by the Philadelphia Music Teachers Association (PMTA) in celebration of its 125th anniversary. All were recognized for their technique and interpretation of the pieces they played.

“They played wonderfully,” said their proud teacher. Emma Lee of Swarthmore (seated, center) was chosen to participate in a recital at Carnegie Hall on April 9.; she will play Nocturne Opus 33 by Samuel Barber. Lauren Park (left) and Cece Olszewski (right) of Wallingford were selected to an honors recital, which was held on February 21 at Temple University’s Rock Hall. Lauren played Chopin’s Mazurka, Opus 17, no. 4; Cece performed “Valse in the Manner of Borodin” by Ravel.

Donna Kay Jones, who has played piano “almost since birth,” trained in the School of Music at the University of Southern California, and teaches selected students in her home studio on Haverford Avenue. She has previously been recognized as PMTA’s district teacher of the year.

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