Julia R. Hazard


Julia R. Hazard

Julia R. (Pfeiffer) Hazard (1871-1951) was born on January 2, 1871 in Centralia, Pa. She attended high school for two years. She married J. Milton Hazard (1869-1940) in 1897 in New York and lived in Buffalo Ward 24, Erie, New York. Shortly after, they moved to 350 Vassar Avenue in Swarthmore, where they rented a home. They had twin sons, born in 1900, named Horace Birdsall (1900-1983) and John Benjamin (1900-1970). The paper was published from their home.

“The May 2, 1914 issue of The Swarthmore News announced the reorganization of the publishing company and the appointment of J. Milton Hazard as business manager and his wife [Julia R. Hazard] as treasurer. The June 6 issue announced the resignation of Mrs. [Julia Cole] Yarnall as head of the publishing company, Miss [Alice P.] Garwood as editor-in-chief, and the appointment of Mrs. Hazard as editor and treasurer. The new staff included Margaret C. Freedley, Florence E. Downey, Mary Woverton Green, Carl H. Chaffee, Dr. John W. Adams headed the Swarthmore Publishing Compnay, Harry T. Brown was the secretary. Board members were Tabor Ashton, Howard B. Green, Wilbur S. Fricke, E.A. Stockton, Mrs. Downey, Mrs. Hazard, treasurer. In September, 1914, the date of issue was moved up to Friday. The personnel remained intact until the fall, 1916, at which time, Mrs. Hazard became both editor and business manager (Peter Told, 1962).”

Mrs. Hazard wrote many articles concerning Woman’s Suffrage and Prohibition, as well as covering the events of World War I. Unfortunately, the years from 1921 through 1923 were destroyed in the Borough Hall fire of 1950. The years from 1914 through 1920 are available on the Swarthmore Historical Society website.

In 1922, while the editor, Julia Hazard ran as the Prohibition Candidate for Congress as the U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania. She also held many speaking engagements. In June of 1922, she spoke at State Editorial and the Weekly Associations in Harrisburg on the topic of “How a Woman Runs a Country Newspaper.”

She published Swarthmore directories in the years 1924, 1925-26, and 1936 (along with her son, Horace).

In April of 1923, she sold her controlling stock to G. Vincent Butler, Robert H. Burdsall and Robert E. Sharples (all of the Swarthmore College class of 1925).

Her final years were spent on Wesley Avenue in Ocean City, N.J. She died on December 14, 1951 at the age of 80.

Mrs. Julia Hazard Files for Congress Nomination
Editor of Main Line Social Publication to Oppose T.S. Butler

Mrs. Julia R. Hazard, editor of the Swarthmore News, a weekly social paper of the Main Line, today will file her petition for nomination for Congress on the Republican ticket. Mrs. Hazard is well known in Main Line social circles, and during the war was active in Red Cross work and in food conservation campaigns. She is an ardent “dry.”

The liquor question is expected to prove the crux of the fight in the Seventh Congressional District, which compromises Chester and Delaware Counties. Congressman Thomas S. Butler, the incumbent, voted for the Volstead amendment, but is believed to be in favor of modification. A statement is expected from his soon, clarifying the situation.

Until several days ago Congressman Butler apparently had no opposition. Now there are three opponents in the field. Besides Mrs. Hazard are former Congressman John B. Robinson, who was defeated by Congressman Butler twenty-two years ago. Butler has served continuously ever since. Robinson is known as “Fighting Jack.” Another candidate is Richard J. Baldwin, a former member of the State Legislature, who served as Speak of the House in 1919. Both Robinson and Baldwin are wets.

— Evening Public Ledger-Philadelphia, April 6, 1922

S-new editor Hazard B

Mrs. Julia R. Hazard and Son Compiling
Third Souvenir Book on Swarthmore

After an absence of ten years, Mrs. Julia R. Hazard has returned to Swarthmore. Mrs. Hazard said she was surprised and delighted to note the many changes that have taken place in the community and the general prosperity pervading the atmosphere. Mrs. Hazard is well known to the older residents of the borough as she was editor of the Swarthmore newspaper from 1914 to 1923.

In 1924 at the request of prominent business people she complied and published a souvenir directory, containing historical sketches of the college and the early days of Swarthmore by one of the old pioneers of the community, with attractive pictures of the homes, also names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

The publication was very favorably received, and proved a valuable asset to the business interests of the town. In 1926 another directory was published, and now a third one is in the process of construction which promises to be even more interesting than the other two as it will record the many improvements that have taken place during the past ten years, and will give views of the more recent developments on the college grounds as well as some of the modern residences that has increased the loveliness of this outstanding cultured community.

Mrs. Hazard will be assisted in the work by her son, Horace B. Hazard. They are located at 121 South Chester Road. All the residents of the borough are cordially invited to visit the offices and get full information about this attractive new souvenir of Swarthmore Beautiful.