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Respect Science

To The Editor:

Abby and I have lived in Wallingford for over 40 years and have enjoyed reading the Swarthmorean for many years, especially the Letters to the Editor. Of all to these letters, the October 14 letter by Jack Cline and Glynda Becker, “Where’s the science in this presidential election?” may well be the best of all. In my 82 years, I’ve never endured a worse presidential race, with two more unqualified candidates, than in 2016.

My vote will be for the lesser of two evils, and it won’t be Donald Trump, though I’m a loyal Republican. As a chemical engineer whose oldest son, Bob, teaches high school chemistry, I applaud this great letter which everyone should read and follow its advice. It ends with this: “It is time for the discussion of who would be the better candidate for science to move from the sidelines to the headlines.” More power to the Science Coalition and Research!America. Sincerely,

Bob Moore

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