Letter to the Editor

President-Elect Trump

To the Editor:

In spite of the false claims made in his campaign, students of psychology are not surprised by the election of Donald Trump. Negative emotion always dominates love and logic because the punishing emotions are stronger than the rewarding emotions.

Income insecurity and fear or disgust in regard to those different from one’s core social group will always “trump” rational analysis and compassion. This is exactly what led an intelligent but shamed country like Germany to endorse The Third Reich and this is precisely why a study of the psychology of emotion is vital for our survival as a united nation and as a beacon of hope for humankind.

John Brodsky, M.D.

One thought on “Letter to the Editor

  1. In his letter last week Dr. Brodsky mentioned Donald Trump’s false claims made during the Presidential campaign. He neglected to mention, however, the numerous false claims made by Hillary Clinton just about her emails. I also thought it quite unfair to lump Trump supporters with the Germans who endorsed the Third Reich.

    Perhaps Dr. Brodsky should study the “psychology of rational analysis and compassion” shown by the protesters who refuse to accept defeat when they lost an election fair and square.

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