Letters to the Editor

Where’s my sign?

To the Editor:

I want to tell the person who stole my “not Hillary” sign on Saturday that it was sneaky, cowardly, and illegal. You know who you are and I’m sure you are so proud of yourself. After all, your Presidential candidate has had a little trouble with the truth, so what’s the big deal?

As I walk my dogs through town, it’s apparent that the Clinton signs remain untouched. My friends outside of our lovely little town were betting each other on how long it would be before something like this happened.

It’s amazing how the non-Democrats had to endure the months of Obama signs that stayed up long after the last election, and yet one little “not-for-Hillary” sign was enough to turn one of you into a common criminal.

Patricia Perrone

‘Go back to freedom’

To the Editor:

Both candidates have had personal issues in their past. We need to look past all the political rhetoric.

We need a President who will stop the progressives, and return us to our founding form of government. We are now an oligarchy, we are run by Soros, Multinational corporations, the U.N., and our career politicians, to name a few.

Wake up everyone, our government is a shadow of our constitutional republic form of government, and we need to go back to freedom and liberty. This includes stopping immigration until the 10,000,000 illegal immigrants can be assimilated.

Illegal immigration is a part of the plan for the New World Order our leaders have been sucked into. I hope Trump, when elected, brings lawsuits against all the living former Presidents, and career government and party leaders for treason. This has to be reversed.

Do not vote for any incumbents. Both parties are caught up in this. This erosion has been occurring for over 100 years. It happens so slowly it is hard to notice, especially for young people.

James Riviello

My vote goes to…

To the Editor:

I agree this coming presidential election will be the lesser of two evils. I will vote for Trump. He has not said or done many things I would have liked to hear, but I do like his advisers, Lawrence Kudlow, Rudy Giullani, Dr. Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, but most of all his V.P. choice.

One glaring problem is that the Clintons have been under investigation, indictment, and impeachment since coming to D.C. They are adept at looking into the camera and saying, “I never did anything wrong.”

Charles Krauthammer explains how the Clinton Foundation is simply money laundering. Benghazi is a deliberate abandonment of our people.

And then there is the Iran deal… REALLY? On and ON and ON…

Bev Stewart

It’s shameful

To the Editor:

I was saddened ever since reading the article in the Swarthmorean from September 16 (Swarthmore Fair Housing Panel Approved Accommodation). My discomfort from reading about the behavior of the Holmes and Swarthmore communities at that meeting came from both the unpitying tone that a group from the two communities (none of whom had personally invested in homes that had a direct stake in the neighborhood) displayed against an under-represented minority group of six Swarthmore families actually living on the block; but my sadness also came from a sense of foreboding. Foreboding, in that a train wreck has been set in motion that will not be apparent until it ends in the wreckage of a once-beautiful home at 200 South Chester Road that won’t be maintained by the well-meaning but woefully unequipped and inexperienced Headstrong Foundation, and will also result in an ongoing disservice to families of cancer patients at an unsupervised, overcrowded single-family residence that is simply unsuited for so many people.

I would encourage all of us to take a step back and look at what was really described by the article. If you are honest with yourself you won’t like what you see. Every one of us, particularly those six families in our community who live around that home, some of them for many years, deserve a fair hearing to have the same standards applied to their case, as you would wish for yourselves. Instead, these families were told in the pages of this paper by one of the members of the Panel, even before their concerns could be heard, that a ruling against them would be made. In short, the rules must be waived, and there is no reason for applying the standards that have been set out to ensure fairness to homeowners who have long legal and moral standing in the community already. They were steamrolled. To paraphrase Bernie Sanders, it looked like an uncaring, if not corrupted, system that’s rigged against the common citizen. Where was the fair deal for these six families? Yet we let it happen. And we cheered.

The cheering at the end of the meeting that the article described was not fitting for Swarthmore, with its strong roots as a Quaker town, respectful of all viewpoints, protective of those who do not have a voice, and intent on seeing that everyone gets a fair deal. Instead, it reminded me of the short story that we all read as students, Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery. In that story, one innocent family of a normal Swarthmore-like hamlet is chosen by lottery to be stoned to death in an annual ritual ceremony, and no one questions it. The story showed the worst of an uncaring majority of jeering neighbors, unfazed by the suffering of a minority of individuals as long as they could feel good about their own undisturbed situation. A cautionary tale? I would say that The Lottery is playing out in Swarthmore right now. It’s downright shameful.

Vashona Williams

Editor’s note: We stand by our reporting on the requested accommodation for use of 200 S. Chester Road by the Headstrong Foundation, and don’t find in it any indication of prejudice by members of the Accommodation Request Review Board. Articles and letters on the subject are at www.swarthmorean.com/?s=headstrong&submit=Search.

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