Letters to the Editor

Refugees and air fares

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to learn that refugees admitted to the U.S. from abroad are liable for their air fare. A Syrian family of five that Carol Lastowka is mentoring must repay more than $4,400 for their flight, in monthly installments of $124, until the debt is paid off. This is a big drain on the family’s meager budget.

To grant a destitute refugee family asylum is commendable, but making them pay for their flight I find unconscionable. Could our community find a way to assume this debt?

Stuart Hibben

Little Crum cleanup cancelled

To the Editor:

Due to the extreme mud that may only get worse in the coming days, the Saturday, March 31, Little Crum Creek Park clean-up and community picnic has been cancelled.

We encourage everyone to pick up at least 10 pieces of trash in your own neighborhood at your convenience in lieu of this event. According to Marine Defenders, small pieces of trash in the street are often washed into storm drains during rain storms, which deposit the water — and the trash — into creeks, rivers and ultimately the sea. Let’s all do our part to reduce pollution.

See you at the April 22, April 28 and May 19 clean-up events, when we hope to have more suitable weather for outdoor fun. Thanks.

Jeannine Anckaitis

‘So we pulled it’

To the Editor:

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Trump administration decided “to pull advertising for healthcare.gov in the closing stretch of this year’s signup season.”

According to the Inquirer, 12.2 million people have signed up for healthcare coverage this year, during the open enrollment period.

I’m wondering how many other millions of people cannot take advantage of the various Medicare, Medicaid and other marketplace opportunities because the Trump administration said, “The ads were a waste of taxpayers money.”

My thoughts?
1. We make the best decisions when we are informed, whether it’s about buying a new car or healthcare.
2. Therefore, the Trump administration did not act in our best interests by withholding vital information.
3. That decision negatively impacted us because it reduced important information flow and also forced untold numbers of people to miss the open enrollment cutoff date.

“So we pulled it” is Trump’s response to the Republican failed healthcare bill initiative. My thoughts?
1. Healthcare is mighty serious stuff for all Americans: it is not a golf course or hotel.
2. Trump is approaching healthcare as if it’s just another deal… make it/break it/move on. My way or the highway.

Myra D. Hochman

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