Letters to the Editor

Thank you, neighbors

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Swarthmore and our more than 50 charities, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the Swarthmore Charity Fun-Fair. We appreciate all those who braved the weather to make this year’s Fair another huge success. Also, thank you to all our sponsors who make the Fair possible, especially the Inn at Swarthmore, The Chefs’ Warehouse, the Swarthmorean, A Better Chance Strath Haven, Anita Barrett and Swarthmore Town Center, The Lions Club of Swarthmore, and Occasionally Yours.

Rotarians love to host this Fair for the community; this was our 16th year, and my first as chair. I must say that most of the components run themselves and have become tradition. Of course, we did forgo one tradition this year: the parade. Many people mentioned its absence, and it will be back in some form next year.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all at the Fair in 2018! Sincerely, Joseph Lesniak
Fun-Fair Chairman
Rotary Club of Swarthmore

Swarthmore Borough Hall hosted the Swarthmore Horticulture Society’s “Blooms or Bust” plant sale last Saturday. Photo by Melissa Husted-Sherman

Swarthmore Borough Hall hosted the Swarthmore Horticulture Society’s “Blooms or Bust” plant sale last Saturday. Photo by Melissa Husted-Sherman

Best ‘indoor’ sale ever!

To the Editor:

Last Saturday’s weather was a bust, but the plant selling was booming and blooming at Swarthmore Horticultural Society’s INDOOR “Blooms or Bust” Plant Sale. This was our biggest sale ever in terms of plants (1,200 plants), and we really had to scramble when the forecast predicted heavy rains and winds.

But our community really came through. Borough administration, the Library staff, and the police department all made our move indoors to Borough Hall possible in the most accommodating way. The Swarthmorean and Town Center readily posted last-minute information about the relocation. And the plant-loving community came out on Saturday in impressive numbers and supported our sale with their purchases.

We have so many to thank for our success, but would be remiss if we didn’t give specific (and deep) thanks to Jane Billings and the entire Borough Hall staff, to the Swarthmore Public Works staff, to the Swarthmore Public Library staff and administration, to the Swarthmore Police Department, to Anita Barrett of Swarthmore Town Center, to the Swarthmorean, to Lora Pietrangelo of HOM (for loaning us tables), and to everyone who braved the rain to support us so enthusiastically.

We haven’t yet calculated the exact profit from our sale. We do know that we did cover our costs (whew!), and more importantly, provided many local gardens with beautiful plants that will bring smiles and pleasure throughout this summer!
Again, to all, many thanks from the SHS!

Ginny Scott
SHS Publicity Chair

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