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Sing or swim at SSC

To the Editor:

This summer, the Swarthmore Swim Club (SSC) and the Chester Children’s Chorus (CCC) are excited to partner for two Friday afternoon Free Swims on June 30 and July 14.

Members of the Chester Children’s Chorus at SSC.

Members of the Chester Children’s Chorus at SSC.

Many in our community already know and support CCC by enjoying concerts or volunteering as a reading buddy or swim instructor. Now, if you’re at the Swarthmore Swim Club during the Free Swims, which are part of CCC’s 5-week Summer Program, you can welcome the children, who range in age from 9– 8.

Kevin Haney, SSC manager, says, “This partnership presents the perfect opportunity for members of the CCC to continue developing safe pool/swimming practices. We are certain that the children will have a positive experience, and we are excited at the possibility of continuing to foster this partnership for many seasons to come.”

Learning to swim is a public safety issue. Since pools are few in Chester, many of the children in the Chorus haven’t had as many opportunities to learn how to swim. Seeing the possibility to teach this life skill four years ago, CCC volunteer Charlotte Brake developed a learn-to-swim initiative, and CCC executive director, Kirsten Halker-Katz, enthusiastically added it to the Summer Program.

Swarthmore College provides Ware Pool, and now swim lessons are an integral part of the weekly schedule and one of the children’s favorite parts of the camp day. In 2017, over 60 children will be learning to swim on Mondays and Wednesdays at Ware. Many returning campers, now in their third summer, are swimming a full lap of the pool! The Free Swims at SSC will provide an opportunity for children to practice their swim skills and enjoy cooling off in the pool. During the Free Swims, more lifeguards will be on duty and additional CCC volunteers will help make the time fun and safe.

Over the past three years, dozens of volunteer swim instructors have helped make CCC’s Swim Program a success. Thank you to SSC instructors Rachel and Max Carp, Hunter Clements, DJ Shelton, Eleni Pappas, Spencer Seaman, Sophia Foglio, Frances Resweber, Virginia and Peter Foggo, Annika and Elisa Kruse, Mary McTernan and Susan Brake.

Thank you to Wallingford instructors Jack Thomas, Cole Wirth, Zack Irons, Kate Lyons, Megan Quon, Ben and Claire Wolters; And, thanks to Rose Valley instructors Jenny and Chris Rowan and Creekside instructor Carly Glassford.

If you’re interested in teaching lessons, and have your lifeguard certification, contact Volunteer Coordinator Charlotte Brake at (610) 883-2661. Camp begins June 26 so it’s not too late! Finally, CCC thanks SSC for the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful pool during its 2017 Friday Free Swims.

Susan Brake

Class of ‘82; reunion in June

To the Editor:

Attention Swarthmore High School Class of 1982: Can you believe it’s been nearly 35 years since the pomp and circumstance of our graduation? Come join the class this summer; see how 35 years have changed everyone but you.

The festivities will get under way on Friday, June 30, with hoagies and cocktails beginning at 5 p. m. and ending at 11 p. m. at the home of Dan and Diane Shaffer (308 Rutgers Avenue).

On Saturday, anyone that can, will meet at 1 p. m. at the Swarthmore Community Center to spruce it up a bit. The Dinner/Dance will commence thereat 6 p. m.

Finally, on Sunday, at 12 noon, we will dedicate a bench at our old high school for classmates we have lost, and then head over to the Swarthmore Swim Club, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., for a pizza party in the picnic grove.

For those interested, but haven’t been contacted yet, you can reach me at dshaf48@gmail.com or call me at (610) 283-9267.

Parents of the class of 1982 are welcome to stop by and catch up. Any SHS teacher of our classes are also welcome on Friday. Sincerely,

Dan Shaffer
SHS Class of ‘82 Reunion Committee

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