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Regarding SHHS Band origins

To the Editor:

Your July 14 article on Swarthmore Borough Council’s July meeting quoted Council President David Grove as stating that Jack Hontz started the Strath Haven High School band with a handful of Nether Providence band members and none from Swarthmore.

My daughter Sheri, who played the clarinet, was recruited by Jack that first year, and he also recruited her sister Wendy to be a flag bearer. I believe there were several other Swarthmoreans. Jack’s influence on my children and both communities is greatly appreciated and we are saddened by his death.

Mary Lou Parker

Regarding Jack Hontz

To the Editor:

In honor of Mr. Jack Hontz: What an incredible teacher, leader and friend you were to our SHHS community. I will never forget the day you and Mr. Henry Pearlberg, with your enthusiasm, recruited my sister and her friends picking us up at “band camp” to be part of the flags. I was always hoping that we would relocate back to Wallingford-Swarthmore so our son could play trombone for you. You have touched my life in so many ways and made me a better person. Those marching skills came in handy when I joined the Navy.

My heart is broken for your family and the Strath Haven High School family. May God bless you and your family through this challenging time.

Sheri Parker, Capt., M.S.C., U.S.N.


To the Editor:

Interdisciplinary learning is a fine idea. Things are complicated and each discipline seems to get more and more complicated. Einstein said, “Things should be made as simple as possible… .” He added, “…but no simpler” and because the second part of his statement seemed to suggest the complexity of existence, he worked all his life on the first part of the statement. To combine the disciplines, perhaps Swarthmore College’s BEP program is a step in the right direction toward a unified field of learning; and the devil take the landscape — which is rather disheartening to me as I type this.

But BEP is not the correct order for the acronym. It should read BPE. Biology creates psychology, and psychology creates engineering. However, even if corrected, a problem obtains. When engineering is the result, AI will emerge. And with artificial intelligence, who knows what will be around the corner? Perhaps robots which might desecrate the landscape to further their own reproductive interests; exactly the way we are behaving.

John Brodsky for The Tomkins Institute

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  1. Re Mark Lou Parker’s letter that quoted the Swarthmorean as having quoted me as saying Jack Hontz started the SHHS band with no members from Swarthmore, I was misquoted by the Swarthmorean. Rather what I said was that Nether Providence High School had had a band but that Swartmore High School had not had a band.

    David Grove

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