Letters to the Editor

The full moon accentuates the luminaria-lined street. The picture is courtesy of Jen Armstrong.

Another successful fundraiser
for the Luminaria Club

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Luminaria Fundraiser Committee, it’s with great pleasure we announce our donation of $28,000 to ABC Strath Haven. This year’s fundraiser was our most successful yet.

This remarkable effort could not have been accomplished without help from some key groups in the community. The effort started back in September when the Luminaria Club at SHHS, ably led by Sophia Foglio and George Steinke, gathered in shifts at The Luminaria Factory (a Swarthmore College building kindly loaned by Swarthmore College) in order to make approximately twenty-four thousand luminaria.

In November, the effort shifted to the incredible group of approximately 100 block captains, led by area coordinators, who spread out over the town of Swarthmore and the participating neighborhoods of Wallingford, and encouraged the residents of Swarthmore and Wallingford to purchase luminaria to support the Luminaria Fundraiser. Their efforts were so successful this year that, in December, the Luminaria Factory was reopened, and thanks to some wonderful families from within the community, another six thousand luminaria were made!

In December, the effort shifted back to the SHHS Luminaria Club when they, very ably led by Lizzie Healy, organized the very efficient distribution of the luminaria to the block captains. Over two blocks of time (one of which was very snowy indeed!) the dedicated block captains arrived at the factory and the Luminaria Club counted and packed orders into cars. The effort culminated, on the coldest New Year’s Day in a long time, when the communities of Swarthmore and Wallingford lined their luminaria along their curbs and lit them so that each neighborhood glowed. The full moon that night was but the cherry on top!

Please thank anybody you know in any of the groups, and also thank your neighbors, each and every one of them, because without the wonderful support from the residents of Swarthmore and Wallingford, this beautiful event could never have occurred.

We look forward to the 2018/2019 event!

Luminaria Fundraiser Committee:
Anne Clauss, Chris Darrell, Oonie Lynch, Anne Papa, Georgie Perullo, Jean Steinke and Julie Vrooman

18 reasons to keep a resolution

To the Editor: Here we are: 2018. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time and more money in the Co-op. And in its honor, and reflective of the year, I have come up with 18 reasons why I enjoy shopping at the Co-op.

• loose Brussels sprouts
• salmon filets (custom sliced)
• cheese tastings
• very thin (but not shaved) ham
• enticing specialty items
• gnarly heirloom tomatoes (in season)
• paté, paté, paté
• local apples
• tree hugger wraps (hold the onions)
• high quality meats
• soup, glorious soup
• day-old pastry (O, those almond croissants!)
• phone-in “to go” orders
• water bowls for dogs
• friendly cashiers (and they know how to pack a bag!)
• senior discount Wednesdays
• tons of community outreach
• and finally, the Co-op is a fine meeting place for friends and neighbors.

No doubt Swarthmoreans will come up with their own reasons. What are yours?

Louise L. Coffin

Thank you, thank you, thank you

To the Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to the thousands of volunteers for the Swarthmore Recreation Association (SRA) with whom I have had the pleasure of working with since 2005. I left the position of executive director of SRA in December and want to thank the community, coaches, commissioners, extraordinary program coordinators and all the participants for their commitment to this great organization over the years. SRA has grown dramatically over the last decade and relies more than ever on volunteers in our community to help make sure everything runs smoothly. It has been an honor to work with so many community members, parents, grandparents and kids!

I would also like to personally thank the most amazing and dedicated staff I have ever worked with, Don Henderson, Karl and Kathy Swierczek, David and Cindy Herring, Lee Smith, Tom Granahan, Nika Haase, Terry Lynch, Jean Tierno, Dan Shaffer, Megan Richardson, Bill Kane, Joyce Perry and all of the summer camp staff. And of course, many thanks to Swarthmore Borough for the financial support for SRA.

SRA is a unique, incredible, valuable and important organization for our community. Check out the programs and get involved — it is worth it.

Linda McCullough

Parking issues

To the Editor:

I got a parking ticket for briefly parking here while stopped briefly to pay a parking ticket.

I have made Swartmore my home for 50 of my 82 years and my car has made Swarthmore its home for 18 of its 23 years. Everybody knows us. People I do not recognize wave hello to us as we drive on our streets.

I do not think we should have to pay to park in our home.

John Brodsky

Emily Geddes and self-portraits

To the Editor:

What fun it was to see one of our kindergarten classes with their self-portraits in your paper! I hope the photo put smiles on readers’ faces.

I neglected, though, to credit our wonderful art teacher, Emily Geddes.

Self-portraits are a holiday project in her art room, and all of our 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds paint them. To quote Emily, “… after studying the rich, dark lines of Picasso’s self-portrait, the children drew their own … A large mirror, a blank page, a black oil pastel, water colors, and time for observations …” were what she provided.

Cathy Conahan
Interim Director
Swarthmore Presbyterian Nursery Day School

Mitten Tree success!

To the Editor:

This letter serves to thank Carol Mackin, other staff members, and all volunteers at the Swarthmore Public Library for their help with the 2017 Mitten Tree.

Much gratitude is also sent to the donors of the large amounts of beautiful and warm clothing and blankets, as well as the monetary contributions, which were used to purchase even more winter apparel.

All of the items were brought to CityTeam Ministries in Chester, and much appreciated.

Happy 2018!

Jane Callan Sottile
Rose Valley


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